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  GLHexen 2 Update 1.0b9 - Updates GLHexen 2 to v1.0b9 981K   action  
  GLQuake and GLQuake World 1.0b9 - OpenGL updater to Quake and Quake World 486K   action  
  Aliens vs Predator Gold Edition 1.0.4 - Play as 1 of 3 species in this long awaited 1st person shooter. 59MB   action  
  Red Faction 1.2 beta 3 - Updates Red Faction to 1.2, includes OS X version 2MB   action  
  Giants: Citizen Kabuto Build 7 - Update patch for Giants: Citizen Kabuto 4MB   action  
  Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption 1.0.1 - Various bug fixes for Vampire: The Redemption 116K   action  
  Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 1.2 - Update Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force to v1.2 19MB   action  
  Rogue Spear Patch 1.0.2 - Official patch for Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 618K   action  
  Heavy Metal FAKK 2 1.02c - Unofficial patch to fix problems with chainsword 545K   action  
  Bushfire Update 1.10 - Update for Bushfire to version 1.10 2MB   action  
  Heavy Metal Fakk 2 for OS X beta 2 - OS X binary for the first person game 3MB   action  
  Tanks of Terror Updater 1.1 - Updates Tanks of Terror 1.0 144K   action  
  Ares 1.2b6 - Updates Ambrosia's Ares to 1.2b6 12MB   action  
  Deus Ex 1.0.1 - Updates Deus Ex to 1.0.1 244K   action  
  Tomb Raider: TLR Demo 1.0.2 - Updates Tomb Raider: TLR demo to 1.0.2 290K   action  
  Tomb Raider: TLR 1.0.2 - Updates Tomb Raider IV to 1.0.2 282K   action  
  Astrorock 2000 1.3 - Update to version 1.3 875K   action  
  Escape Velocity 1.0.5 - Updates Ambrosia's Escape Velocity to 1.0.5 2MB   action  
  Avara 1.0.1 - Updates Ambrosias Avara to 1.0.1 2MB   action  
  Escape Velocity: Override 1.0.1 - Updates Escape Velocity: Override to 1.0.1 3MB   action  
  Ferazel's Wand Demo 1.0.3 - Updates Ambrosias Ferazel's Wand Demo to 1.0.3 9MB   action  
  Harry the Handsome Executive 1.0.1 - Updates Harry the Handsome Executive to 1.0.1 2MB   action  
  aGORA 1.4 - Updates and improves aGORA 5MB   action  
  UT Demo 348m4 update - Patch for UT Demo, System 8.1 users only 1MB   action  
  Shadow Warrior 1.0.1 3dfx - Updates Shadow Warrior to 1.0.1, 3dfx version 992K   action  
  Strategic Conquest 4.0.1 - Military strategy game 2MB   action  
  Future Cop: LAPD 1.0.2 - Update to version 1.0.2 258K   action  
  Marathon 1.2 - Updates Bungie's Marathon to 1.2 281K   action  
  Marathon Infinity 1.5 - Updates Bungie's Marathon Infinity to 1.5 630K   action  
  Star Wars: Episode I Racer 1.0.1 - Includes support for Voodoo 2 and 3 cards 457K   action  
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