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  UT PowerUp Helper - Chronometer application for picking up UT powerups 730K   editors  
  Myth II DNS Fix - Allows you to log in to the relocated server 3K   utilities  
  Glide Hack 1.3 - Adds functions for use with a 3Dfx card 50K   utilities  
  iNES 1.2 - PowerPC-based Nintendo emulator 322K   emulators  
  Hektor II 1.1 - Official audio guide for X-Plane 532K   utilities  
  Infinity Model Builder 1.3 - A powerful 3D editor for Infinity 3D Rave engine 584K   editors  
  Infinity Terrain Builder 1.2 - A powerful 3D world editor for French Touch games 1904K   editors  
  Macally iStick 1.2 - Updated drivers for the iStick joystick 2MB   hardware  
  Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.1 - IntelliPoint driver now includes InputSprocket support 2MB   system  
  Bink Player for Mac OS 1.0n - Player allows you to view Bink video format files 170K   utilities  
  Multimedia Update 1.0 - Contains drivers to improve performance for ATI Rage 128 Pro 1MB   system  
  PennMUSH 1.1.2 - A type of mud used for social and role-playing activities 1MB   utilities  
  MacSloMo .67 - Emulator for centipedes, millipedes, and more 94K   emulators  
  Nite Lite Professional - Same as Nite Lite, but lets designers use Nite Lite into their own scenery (Fly!) 2MB   utilities  
  Game Launcher 1.1.3 - Frees up RAM before loading any game 60K   utilities  
  G.U.T.S. 0.9.2b3 - Set of tools for the referee of wargames, miniatures, battles games 2MB   utilities  
  HPI Pack 1.0 - Map conversion utility for Total Annihilation 55K   utilities  
  DGen 1.1.7 - A fantastic Genesis emulator 335K   emulators  
  Mac True Reality 1.1.3b3 - A Nintendo 64 emulator for Macintosh 814K   emulators  
  MGF Sherlock Plug-In 1.0 - Search MGF using this Sherlock plug-in 2K   system  
  FerazEdit 1.1 - Saved game editor for Ferazel's Wand 777K   editors  
  Chess Rating Calculator 1.0.1 - Calculate the rating change between two rated chessplayersgame between two rated chessplayers 236K   utilities  
  Pandora's Box 1.1 - Allows you to modify values like money, health, and ammo for games 248K   utilities  
  Kali 18b.1 - World's largest Internet gaming network 1MB   utilities  
  UHS for MacOS 4.0 - Universal Hint System reader for the Mac 750K   utilities  
  NetLink Remote 1.2 - For playing AppleTalk games over the Internet 264K   utilities  
  PilotLogBook 1.0 - Unofficial log book for the flight simulator X-Plane 2MB   utilities  
  PROJ Edit 1.0 - Modify various aspects of Myth: The Fallen Lords projectiles 242K   editors  
  PowerPCEngine 0.4b1 - Turbografx16 emulator for the popular Japanese gaming system 482K   emulators  
  Stuffit Expander 5.5 - Decompress virtually any file format downloaded 1MB   system  
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