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  Farsight 0.2 - Play Warcraft III over the Internet 110K   strategy & war  
  DiceRoller 2.0 - A dice rolling program. 48K   utilities  
  FireMountainTools 1.0.0 - Tool for Fire Mountain Play By Email Server 78K   strategy & war  
  Universal Hint System 5.0 - Premiere Universal Hint System reader for the Mac 890K   utilities  
  Cantrip 0.8a8 - MUD client 1MB   utilities  
  GBA-SDK 0.4.2 - Unofficial Gameboy Advance software development kit 26MB   system  
  The Green Machine 1.0.2 - 2D action game development kit 11MB   utilities  
  IMG Chat 1.01 - Chat with fellow Mac gamers 771K   utilities  
  FarSight 1.2 - Enables editing of the textures and others in The Sims 660K   skins, models, & objects  
  ClassFoot 0.9b2 - Football (soccer) competition manager 382K   sports  
  Cocoa Sprite Kit 1.0 Beta 2 - A framework designed to make powerful 2D graphics applications with ease. 450K   utilities  
  MPQDraft Mac Edition 1.0.0b5r2 - Self-executing patch creator for Blizzard games 3MB   utilities  
  SF.ini for Mac OS X 1.0 - A StrikeForce.ini for Mac OS X 16K   utilities  
  MacPacMAME 0.58 - PacMan emulator for the Mac (OS X & Classic) 1MB   emulators  
  NeXTGo 4.0b - GUI internet go server client (OS X) 2MB   utilities  
  Comic Creator 1.1 - Lets you add and remove pictures to a template 693K   utilities  
  FloatingDice 1.3 - Random number generator for role playing games 88K   miscellaneous  
  Boycott 0.6.7 - A Nintendo Gameboy emulator for the Macintosh 580K   emulators  
  MiG Alley Source Code - Source code for Rowan Entertainment's Mig Alley 12MB   miscellaneous  
  HyperStudio 4 Preview 4 - A slide-show maker with cards 10MB   utilities  
  Console Othello 0.03 - Classic Othello played in the Terminal 83K   emulators  
  Macally iShock 2.0.5 - Updated drivers for the iShock game pad 1MB   system  
  Clan Lord Tune Helper 1.1 - Compose music for Clan Lord 220K   utilities  
  Unreal Tournament UTilities 2.6.1 - Collection of tools for Unreal Tournament 752K   utilities  
  CCEdit 1.4a1 - A map editor for Close Combat 2 264K   editors  
  PATHy 2.1 - Interactive flight planner for X-Plane 5MB   utilities  
  Oni Tools 1.3 - View many of the resources used in Oni 226K   editors  
  HPIDump 0.9 - File extraction utility for Total Annihilation 56K   editors  
  OpenGL 1.2.1 - Enables your computer to run OpenGL based games 4MB   system  
  Avara Level Manager 1.0 - Manage Avara level sets with drag-and-drop ease 3MB   utilities  
  Bernie ][ The Rescue 3.0b - Apple II emulation software 1MB   emulators  
  Virtual Gameboy 2.0 - Emulate Nintendo Game Boy handheld 402K   emulators  
  Roger Wilco 1.0b4 - Real-time voice application for multiplayer gaming 1MB   utilities  
  GameSprockets 1.7.5 v1.1 - Set of software applications for games 826K   system  
  Diablo II RAM Hack 1.0b1 - Allows Diablo 2 to run with less than 64MB of RAM. 30K   system  
  Victoly Boy Beta 1 - Turns your mac into a gameboy 191K   emulators  
  USB Overdrive 1.37 - A universal USB driver for all USB devices 294K   system  
  CodaBot 1.3 - Saves X-Plane data for later use (X-Plane) 790K   utilities  
  Diablo II Realms Selector 1.0 - Allow players to choose which specific realms 75K   utilities  
  Meshwork 1.6.4 - A 3D triangle-mesh modeling program 2MB   editors  
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