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  Tactical Ops Map Manager 2.0 - Tactical Ops Map Manager. 870K   action  
  TO-Watcher for Tactical Ops - Tactical Ops freind list. 2MB   action  
  Solace Battle Simulator 0.5.5 - A simple battle simulator. 151K   strategy & war  
  CryptoWeb 1.0 - Tool for generating Cryptograms 4K   utilities  
  AvP SaveGame Cheat 1.0 - Get infinite saves in Alien vs Predator 882K   utilities  
  Chess Browser 1.3 - View/edit chess games using PGN standard. 456K   board & card  
  Liberty 0.1 - Gameboy Emulation tool. 240K   emulators  
  Rally Shift Garage 1.0.8 - Fine tune the car parameters in Rally Shift 112K   sports  
  iff Taxi 1.7 - Enables use of third-party objects with The Sims. 1MB   utilities  
  NWN Auto Updater 0.99.4 - Neverwinter Nights auto-updater and expansion installer. 186K   adventure & rpg  
  Unreal Tournament 2004demo CTF Benchmark 3.1 - Benchmarking tool for UT2004 Demo. 103K   utilities  
  Infinity Resource Editor 2.1.2 - A tool to customize aspect of Infinity Engine based games. 3MB   utilities  
  CrystalBall X 3.1.8 - Pen and paper RPG tool for game masters and players. 2MB   adventure & rpg  
  Oni Savegame Editor 1.6.2 - Savegame editor for Oni 779K   editors  
  CC2OvData-Editor for Close Combat 2 Mac v1 - Editing the OvData-files of Close Combat 2 680K   strategy & war  
  LiftOff 2.0 2.0.3 - Lets you launch applications with the Finder quit 556K   utilities  
  Game Server Configulator 0.6 - Easy tool to set up a MoH server. 560K   miscellaneous  
  CCG Tracker 2.0.5 - Life points tracker for collectible card games. 190K   board & card  
  QuakeMenu 0.8 - Menu item to connect to Quake 3 servers. 184K   mods & plug-ins  
  Frag Ops Mac Install Kit 1.0 - Install Kit 195K   action  
  QuakeMenu 0.5 - Menu item to connect to Quake3 servers. 120K   mods & plug-ins  
  QT AGI Studio 1.2 - QT AGI Studio helps you create games like King's Quest, etc 6MB   utilities  
  BG1Tutu Assistant 1.1.1 - Graphical Frontend for BG1Tutu. 2MB   mods & plug-ins 0.2 - Grabs current METAR weather for use in a flight sim. 1K   mods & plug-ins  
  BG1Tutu Assistant 1.1.1 - Converts Baldur's Gate 1 files over to play on BG2's engine. 4MB   mods & plug-ins  
  Sarien 0.7.0a1 - A Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine 825K   adventure & rpg  
  Tomb Raider LevelManager 1.0 - Manage levels created with the Tomb Raider Level Editor 2MB   utilities  
  SMS+ 1.0.2 - Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator 769K   emulators  
  myMook 2.03 - Close Combat 2 sound file editor/converter 723K   strategy & war  
  Xbox HID Driver 1.2 - Driver for the Xbox controller 312K   hardware  
  GeoMAME 0.57f - Emulator for NeoGeo games, based on MacMAME code 982K   emulators  
  PuzzleGetter 0.8 - Downloads various crosswords 90K   utilities  
  MagFarm 0.9.7 - Helps in raising Mags for the PSO online game 1MB   adventure & rpg  
  DiceCalc 1.0 - Calculator-based dice roller 83K   utilities  
  Blitter Library 0.8.5 - The Blitter Library plugin adds additional video modes for popular emulator ports 340K   emulators  
  DiceBaby 2.0 - Rolls n-sided dice 32K   adventure & rpg  
  Only Mortal 2.0b5 - Online gaming server browser for Quake 3 and Wolfenstein (OS X) 1MB   utilities  
  X-Plane ObjectMaker 6.4 - 3D scenery object editor for X-Plane 3MB   editors  
  MESS 0.61 - Multi emulator system: Atari, Amiga, Apple II, Nintendo, TRS80... 2MB   emulators  
  Ottoman 1.0 - Editor for Otto Matic saved games 131K   editors  
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