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  Bit Slicer 1.7.4 - Cheat in video games! 9MB   utilities  
  DeSmuME 0.9.10 - Nintendo DS Emulator 6.4MB   emulators  
  Americas Army 2.5 Assist 7.44 - America’s Army 2.5 Universal Binary 10MB   action  
  MacGameStore App 2.3.3 - Macgamestore's app for buying, downloading, and playing Mac games 3MB   utilities  
  Dapplegrey 3.0 - GUI for DOSBox DOS emulator. 19.6MB   utilities  
  Countdown Solver 2.5 - Discover solutions for the "Countdown" TV show game 734MB   utilities  
  Minecraft Server 1.3.2 - Setup a multiplayer Minecraft server 3MB   utilities  
  BorderTool 0.0a6 - Saved game editor for Borderlands 1004K   utilities  
  Riveal 10.5 - Myst media extraction tool 1.6MB   utilities  
  Boxer 1.3.2 - Mac Friendly DOS Emulator, based on DOSBox 21.6MB   utilities  
  PPF 3.0 - Port of the popular PlayStation patching tool 44.3MB   utilities  
  Revelator 7.1.2 - Myst IV Revelation media extraction tool 946K   utilities  
  Stella 3.7.2 - A multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator 4.1MB   emulators  
  VirtualC64 0.9.4 - VirtualC64 is a user friendly Commodore 64 emulator 1.4MB   utilities  
  Crossword Puzzle Helper 1.3.0 - Crossword puzzle aid that identifies words of a certain length 2.8MB   puzzle  
  MAME_Tunes 4.0.3 - A launcher application of SDLMAME / MAME OS X / MacMAME. 5.4MB   utilities  
  Phoenix Firestorm Viewer - Second Life Virtual World Viewer 74.4K   utilities  
  Phoenix Viewer - Third-party viewer for Second Life 48.4MB   utilities  
  BOOM Level Editor 1.0 - Create and install new levels for the popular puzzle game 8.1MB   utilities  
  Tomb Raider Cheat Box - Cheat codes for Tomb Raider 1.8MB   utilities  
  CrossOver Games 10.3 - Install, play Windows version games on your Mac. 55.8MB   utilities  
  PC88MAC 1.0 - Mac port of an NEC PC-88 emulator 44.1MB   action  
  Atlantis - Cocoa-native MUD/MUSH/MOO client 3.6MB   utilities  
  GameMaker 3.9.95 - Make your very own adventure game! 1.6MB   utilities  
  NoDice 1.0.3 - Calculator with savable entry lists and advanced dice probability profiling. 6700K   utilities  
  Poker Manager 3.8.1 - Elegant way to manage your poker tournaments 9.1MB   utilities  
  The Cheat 1.2.5 - Cheating tool for games 396K   utilities  
  UltiCalc 3.1 - Calculator for World of Warcraft points system 3.9MB   utilities  
  Dicy 1.3 - Advanced dice roller 6MB   utilities  
  Game Editor 1.4.0 - Game Editor makes creating games quick and simple. 29118K   editors  
  Savitar 1.5.3 - MUVE/MUD client to connect to virtual environment servers 2MB   utilities  
  iConquer Plug-in Kit 4.0 - Create player & map plug-ins for iConquer 925K   editors  
  Aspyr Game Agent 1.8.2v9724 - Match your computer with requirements of Aspyr’s games 2.3MB   utilities  
  Ingamium 1.0 - Plugin for Adium - receive messages without leaving fullscreen mode. 793K   mods & plug-ins  
  GameSalad 0.8.9 - The ultimate tool for rapid prototyping of games 23.4MB   utilities  
  Hattrick Organizer 1425 - Sports team management tool 4.7MB   utilities  
  CubeTwister 1.43 - Companion utility for Rubik's Cube 7.6MB   utilities  
  Scorecard 2.2.5 - Application for tracking your golf statistics. 2.2MB   utilities  
  Scid 4.2.2 - Maintain a database of chess games, search games by many criteria 31.6MB   board & card  
  ViBE 1.0b12 - Virtual Boy game emulator 1.1MB   emulators  
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