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  Super Lotto Plus Number Generator 1.0 - Generate random lottery numbers 793K   utilities  
  Fortune Command Line 0.2 - Fortune command for the terminal 1MB   utilities  
  Reman 0.3.2 - Simple name generator 734K   utilities  
  Creature 1.0 - Robot with a menu for custom actions 81K   utilities  
  ScummVM Front-End 0.3.2 - GUI front-end for the SCUMM interpreter 867K   utilities  
  PopEdit 1.0b1 - Pop-Pop level editor 157K   utilities  
  Dice Roller - Make role-playing game dice rolls 1MB   utilities  
  Weatherloader 1.0 - Load current weather conditions in X-Plane 1MB   utilities  
  FirstNamer X 1.2 - A very simple random name generator 844K   utilities  
  Nova Paint 1.0 - Calculates the Paint ModVal value for EV: Nova plugins 658K   utilities  
  Nova File Changer 1.0 - Changes Type/Creator of files so EV: Nova recognizes them 612K   utilities  
  Nova MapViewer 0.5d5 - View and edit the syst resources of a EV: Nova plugin 684K   utilities  
  CharSys 4.0.5 - Character creation & maintaining utility for AD&D 2nd Edition 9MB   utilities  
  DiceBag 1.0 - A graphical based die roller with many features 4MB   utilities  
  Push Push Levels Editor 1.0 - Create new levels for Push Push Cartoons 846K   utilities  
  Thunder Chat 2.0a2 - Chat and receive commands from users on Blizzard's 1MB   utilities  
  JXbot 1.0b308 - Chat on Blizzard's 702K   diablo ii  
  TacOps Map Tool 1.0.2 - Make maps for TacOps 107K   utilities  
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