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  Mystic Worldz - Secret Of The Sock 1.0 - Find the secret of the sock in this unique and addictive tile-matching adventure. 19.4MB   puzzle  
  Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Secret 1.0 - Adventure-puzzle game 72MB   puzzle  
  Challenge of the Runestones 1.0.0 - Unique puzzle game 4.7MB   puzzle  
  The Perfect Tree 1.0 - Spruce up the perfect Christmas tree 27.9MB   puzzle  
  Super Nisqually 1.0.3 - Arrange the blocks to clear the board 1.7MB   puzzle  
  Romance Of Rome 1.0 - Help Marcus find imperial relics and win the heart of the Emperor's daughter! 97MB   puzzle  
  Minimal Words 1.1 - Minimalistic audio-visual experience that lets you focus on your task 6.5MB   puzzle  
  Enigmo 2 1.2 - 3D Puzzle Game by Pangea Software 30.2MB   puzzle  
  Master Word 2010r1 - Master Mind-style game using words 4.4MB   puzzle  
  Easy Sudoku 1.63 - Pleasant way to learn the puzzle game of Sudoku. 16.3MB   puzzle  
  IOSilverX 1.0.3 - Old Apple IIe puzzle game 2.2MB   puzzle  
  Pawns 1.2.0 - Guide the chess pawns to safety 24.3MB   puzzle  
  TapSquares 1.0 - Tile-based puzzle game: match all the tiles to win 1.2MB   puzzle  
  Minefield Hex 1.0 - Play the classic minesweeper with a geometric twist! 2MB   puzzle  
  Ethno Stones of RAR 1.0 - Ethno Stones of RAR is a Match 3 game in ethno style 12MB   puzzle  
  PuzzleMaze 1.0 - Labyrinth type game 3.7MB   puzzle  
  MacJong 3.5 - 3D MagJong tile game with classic music 24.6MB   puzzle  
  Klondike Battle 1.0 - Mind challenging & strategic card game 7.9MB   puzzle  
  FishDog Match 1.2 - Matching game with letter, number and picture cards 1.2MB   puzzle  
  Deluxe PocMon 1.13 - Remake of the famous pill gobbling arcade game 13.9MB   puzzle  
  Pairs 2.1.3 - Tile matching memory game 4.5MB   puzzle  
  Virtual Rubik 2.52 - Virtual Rubik Cube Puzzle 3.5MB   puzzle  
  The Great International Word Search! 1.0.7 - Word puzzle adventure game 39.3MB   puzzle  
  Sunken Words 1.0.4 - Underwater-themed word-puzzle game. 31MB   puzzle  
  Mahjong Forests 1.8.7 - Mahjong game with forest themed backdrops 27.9MB   puzzle  
  Akkadia 1.0.5 - A beautiful and challenging word game 27.4MB   puzzle  
  Lucky's Puzzle Carnival 1.02 - A collection of three puzzle games 25.4MB   puzzle  
  Amigos Number Puzzles 1.1 - Create Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki, and HexKakuro puzzles. 4MB   puzzle  
  Smileyville 1.30 - Journey through Smileyville and help the smileys find their perfect friend! 2455K   puzzle  
  Genius 1.0 - Unofficial Mastermind clone 1.3MB   puzzle  
  Polychromatic Funk Monkey 1.3 - Arrange blocks into towering staircases to reach the sky and beyond 10MB   puzzle  
  Jigsaw 360 1.0 - Play 3D jigsaw 360 puzzles on your computer 10MB   puzzle  
  Deep Voyage 1.0.9 - Win a garden design competition in Underwater Kingdom by solving cool puzzles. 30079K   puzzle  
  Atomic Worm 1.0 - Simple Snake-like puzzle game 11.7MB   puzzle  
  Hanged 1.0 - Free hangman game with 1300 elementary school level words 5.3MB   puzzle  
  Space Patrol 0.9 - Game uses laptop tilt sensor to drop balls into holes 7.5MB   puzzle  
  Rectangle Tetris 3.0 - Variation on the tetris theme 1.2MB   puzzle  
  Cradle of Rome for Mac OS X 1.27 - Use the chance to build Ancient Rome, the most legendary city of all time! 14950K   puzzle  
  BallZ II Redux - BallZ II Redux is a collect-em-up 13.2MB   puzzle  
  Brain Workshop 4.4 - Open source Python implementation of the Dual N-Back mental exercise 11.3MB   puzzle  
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