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  MahJong 4.7.0 - 3D MahJong variation tile game with classic music 44.2MB   puzzle  
  jalada Carry On Farming 1.0.5 - Farming simulation game starring Keiki the dinosaur 246.8MB   puzzle  
  Rainbow Web for Mac 2.0 - Bizarre adventure with 60 puzzles to solve! 11MB   puzzle  
  Yosemite 1.0 - Relaxing puzzle game similar to Tetris 102K   puzzle  
  Another Mine 0.9.11 - A version of the popular game Minesweeper 1.6MB   puzzle  
  Intuition 1.0.3 - Puzzle game combining Sudoku and Minesweeper 9.8MB   puzzle  
  Virtual Rubik 3.23 - Virtual Rubik Cube Puzzle 3.5MB   puzzle  
  Ace Mahjong Solitaire 1.1.0 - Modern version of the classic Chinese game 6.7MB   puzzle  
  Animals Puzzle 1.0.0 - A colorful game for children, available for PC and Mac. 15834K   puzzle  
  Fruix! 1.0.7 - A vibrant fruit sorting action puzzle game, with a twist. 4.5MB   puzzle  
  Awesome Hangman 1.1 - Classic Hangman with OpenGL graphics 3.1MB   puzzle  
  Kaskade 1.1.7 - A block busting action puzzle game! 4.4MB   puzzle  
  Germs 2.0 - Save humanity from a biological threat 10.2MB   puzzle  
  Egglomania 1.1.1 - An egg fitting logical puzzle game. 2.23MB   puzzle  
  Lumen 2.0.1 - Simple and beautiful puzzle game. 2.9MB   puzzle  
  PegIt 1.2.4 - PegIt is a unique and challenging logic puzzle game. 1.7MB   puzzle  
  Free Puzzle Games Collection 2010.08.11 - Jigsaw and tile puzzles 6.9MB   puzzle  
  Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games 2010.08.11 - A collection of configurable jigsaw and tile puzzle games 6.9MB   puzzle  
  TriO: The Great Settlement 1.33 - Leap into the fascinating world of Orbics 29.6MB   puzzle  
  DaisyWords 1.3.0 - DaisyWords is a Word Search puzzle game for all ages! 4MB   puzzle  
  WordOMatic 1.4.1 - A Word Search game with elements of puzzle and strategy. 1.5MB   puzzle  
  Aquarius: Challenge of the Zodiac 1.0.0 - A star-themed puzzle game 4.4MB   puzzle  
  Blink for Mac 1.0.1 - Helpful for working image puzzles 4.5MB   puzzle  
  4 Elements 1.0 - Use the magic of the four elements to restore the ancient kingdom to life! 51426K   puzzle  
  Baldatron 1.1 - Word puzzle game with strategy elements for two players 2.5MB   puzzle  
  Inner Quest 1.0 - Relaxing, fun game for all ages 33.8MB   puzzle  
  Sequoia 1.9 - Reinvention of Tetris. 74K   puzzle  
  Kitsune Classroom 1 - Minigames for exercising your brain 4.5MB   puzzle  
  Dragon Kong Mahjong 1.9.3 - Mahjong games for mutiplayer on-line mahjong 46.7K   puzzle  
  TwistAWord 1.1 - Multilingual word game for all ages 5.4MB   puzzle  
  BentBend 1.0.2 - Brain teaser game where you connect colored cubes two by two. 3MB   puzzle  
  Playrix Fishdom: Frosty Splash Mac 1.0 - Create your winter tank in this Mac game from Playrix! 48982K   puzzle  
  Numerati 1.0.8 - A number linking action puzzle game, to exercise your number crunching skills! 2.1MB   puzzle  
  Cuba Letra 1.3 - Word game with a Latin American theme 16MB   puzzle  
  Wholesale Hero 1.0 - Game where you practice manufacturing and shipping 48.1MB   puzzle  
  SquareBid 1.2.1 - Fill the squares from 1 to 100 to win 1.9MB   puzzle  
  JigSaw Deluxe 2.1 - Jigsaw puzzle game 4.1MB   puzzle  
  Crayon Ball 2.3.1 - Addictive physics based puzzle game. 30MB   puzzle  
  Malliouhana 1.2.3 - Maintain your mental fitness 15.6MB   puzzle  
  aMaze 2009.12.26 - Generate, solve, and print 2D and 4D mazes 121K   puzzle  
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