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  Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates 1.086 - The online piratey world that runs on fun games... 134.8MB   puzzle  
  SudokuX 1.0 - Sudoku generator/solver. 1MB   puzzle  
  EmoMemory 1.0 - EmoMemory trains your Emotional Memory, focusing on the people you love. 1.4MB   puzzle  
  ZACK! 1.0 - Strategy game of building tile bridges. 3.3MB   puzzle  
  Pat Sajak's Trivia Gems 1.0 - Climb the pyramid by answering trivia question triplets. 25.41MB   puzzle  
  Sudoku 1.2 - A challenging number-puzzle game 2.1MB   puzzle  
  Letter Boxed 1.0 - Match and pack letters to earn points. 8.4MB   puzzle  
  Big Bang Brain Games 1.0 - Six classic games designed to stimulate the cerebellum. 201MB   puzzle  
  Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst 1.0 - Third game in the popular Mystery Case Files series 71MB   puzzle  
  Ouba: The Great Journey 1.0 - Rescue the Ouba's and rebuild the village. 32.5MB   puzzle  
  shivering kittens 2.2-1 - Cute little 'falling block' puzzle game. 2.2MB   puzzle  
  Girls Inc. TeamUP 1.0 - Help a team of characters solve puzzles by working together 6.87MB   puzzle  
  Brain Boosters 1.0 - Challenge your brain power 17.9MB   puzzle  
  Sloppy Sokoban 1.8 - Japanese puzzle adventure game 5.5MB   puzzle  
  Infernum 1.2 - Infernum 1.0.1 1.7MB   puzzle  
  Around the World 1.2 - Prepare yourself for a trip Around the World with this original block-matching puzzle game! 9MB   puzzle  
  Colored Sudoku 3.1 - fill sudoku grid with colors instead of numbers 1.9MB   puzzle  
  And Round Again 1.0.2 - Quest for the perfect loop in this fast-paced puzzler. 8.1MB   puzzle  
  Trivia Machine 1.0 - Features over 7,000 trivia questions in 9 fun categories. 5.32MB   puzzle  
  Bloniacs 1.08 - A new way for puzzle game! 3.5MB   puzzle  
  Spelvin 1.0 - A glittery Vegas-style word game 5MB   puzzle  
  Jewel Quest 1.0 - Discover hidden treasures and artifacts in this matching game. 8.5MB   puzzle  
  QuoteDrop 1.0 - A fun word puzzle where you decode quotes 600K   puzzle  
  Farmerama 1.0.1 - Matching game with a farmer theme. 3.1MB   puzzle  
  Fairies 1.4b - Enter a world of magic in this color matching game 19.92MB   puzzle  
  Magic Vines 1.0.1 - Adventure puzzle game set in the jungles of the world 6.58MB   puzzle  
  Totally Sweet Sudoku 1.0 - Sudoku so awesome it's totally sweet 6.1MB   puzzle  
  Dr.Germ 1.0.1 - Dr.Germ needs your help! Come and experiment with germeology 8.4MB   puzzle  
  Tower of Hanoi 1.02 - Solve a puzzle in the least amount of moves. 473K   puzzle  
  Wild West Wendy 1.0.23b - Saloon franchise wild west game. 10.6MB   puzzle  
  Professor Fizzwizzle 1.02U - Colorful and engaging platform puzzle game. 11.7MB   puzzle  
  Tretris - Variation of the classic Tetris. 1.7MB   puzzle  
  Super Gem Drop 1.0 - Drop jewels in columns of matching color. 2.5MB   puzzle  
  Legend of Aladdin 1.01 - Adventurous icon matching game 3.1MB   puzzle  
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