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  Chocolate Castle 1.06 - Sliding block puzzle. 2.2MB   puzzle  
  The Triangle Puzzle 1.0 - An animated puzzle game 13.6MB   puzzle  
  Frozen Bubble 2 2.2.0 - Frozen Bubble is a free software Puzzle Bobble style computer game. 60MB   puzzle  
  StegaVorto 2008.12.11 - The Game that came to James in a Dream 12MB   puzzle  
  Lines 1.3.1 - Remake of a well known classic puzzle game 1.4MB   puzzle  
  Super PileUp! 1.05 - Drop balls on the pile to make groups of four or more to clear them. 1.7MB   puzzle  
  GiantCrayon TicTacToe 1.0 - Animated TicTacToe game 6.1MB   puzzle  
  GiantCrayon Hangman 1.0 - New twist on an old classic 5.7MB   puzzle  
  GiantCrayon Sudoku Arcade 1.0 - Combines falling blocks, ticking clock and the challenge of Sudoku 23.3MB   puzzle  
  FishDog Jigsaw 1.0.0 - Put together animal jigsaw puzzles 5.1MB   puzzle  
  FishDog Slide 1.1.0 - Slide mixed-up number and letter tiles 89K   puzzle  
  Halloween Sudoku 1.0 - Dracosoft's Halloween Sudoku is a hauntingly fun rendition of the popular Sudoku game. 2.9MB   puzzle  
  Best Kakuro 3.1 - Create and solve Kakuro puzzles - 5 play levels - many grid sizes 4.2MB   puzzle  
  Sunday Sudoku Solver 1.02 - Sofware lets you solve Sunday newspaper Sudoku puzzles 1.9MB   puzzle  
  Classic Mahjong 2.2 - Fun 3D Mahjong Solitaire game. 7.53MB   puzzle  
  ChipWits II .9992 - Robot programming puzzle game 20MB   puzzle  
  Crumb 1.15 - Enchanted forest puzzle game. 22.7MB   puzzle  
  Rebus 1.1 - Word based puzzles, work out the word or common phrase depicted 675K   puzzle  
  Big Solitaire 2.0.2 - Open source solitaire remake with huge playing cards for people who need glasses 2.69MB   puzzle  
  gljewel 1.1.0 - Puzzle game in which you have to group three or more jewels to gain points 190K   puzzle  
  Quadra 1.1.8 - Addictive action puzzle game with single player and multiplayer capabilities 3.22MB   puzzle  
  Christmasville 1.0 - The Abominable Snowman enlists your help to find lost Santa Claus. 26MB   puzzle  
  Wario Bejeweled 1.2 - Help Wario find his missing jewels. 1.1MB   puzzle  
  Enigmo 1 v2.0.8 - A 3D puzzle game from the makers of Bugdom 2 23MB   puzzle  
  Chock-A-Block 1.0.5 - Puzzle game of organization and logic. 2MB   puzzle  
  Tangle 1.1.2 - an addictive puzzle game of intersecting lines 1.9MB   puzzle  
  Blue Reef Sudoku (Mac) 1.0 - Underwater Sudoku fun. 1047K   puzzle  
  Spot a Word (Mac) 1.0 - Make words in six languages! Now on Mac! 14300K   puzzle  
  Drop Word (Mac) 1.0 - Word puzzler in six languages! Mac version. 13906K   puzzle  
  Drops 1.1 - A connect-four style game 6.5MB   puzzle  
  Christmas Quest 1.0v10 - Christmas Quest puts the strategy back into one of the greatest holidays on the planet 18.1MB   puzzle  
  The Amazing Brain Train 1.03 - Takes you on a brain-boosting adventure. 25.6MB   puzzle  
  Crazy Eggs 1.2.2 - Click and clear Mahjong-like game. 10.2MB   puzzle  
  Super GHOST 2.0.0 - Advanced solitare version of an age-old word game 3.2MB   puzzle  
  Ghost 2.0.0 - Solitaire version of age-old word game 3.2MB   puzzle  
  Mahjong 1.01 - Feel like MahJong? Here is the one for Mac. 2806K   puzzle  
  Runes of Avalon 2 1.2 - Journey through a magical world and match the runes. 26.1MB   puzzle  
  Anawiki Puzzle Game 1.1 - A Jigsaw puzzle game 7.5MB   puzzle  
  CloneSweeper 0.8 - Free and open source Minesweeper clone written entirely in Java 32K   puzzle  
  BrickShooter for Mac 1.10 - A challenging puzzle game for strategists who like to take their own sweet time. 2015K   puzzle  
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