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  Water Tower 0.97 - A 2D platform/puzzle game. 2MB   arcade  
  Barbarian 1.055 - Remake of the classic hack 'n slash game Barbarian 5MB   arcade  
  N 1.3c - Arcade game similiar to Lode Runner. 1MB   arcade  
  Armageddon 1.1 - Defend a city from a nuclear attack. 4MB   arcade  
  Hypraxis 2.15 - Blast asteroids and Gygon starships to reveal Power-Ups 6MB   arcade  
  Baka-Pong 1.0en - Simple and fun pong game. 2MB   arcade  
  Retrogames #1: Maze-Craze 1.2 - 4 Atari-style maze games. 1MB   arcade  
  Alien Flux 1.5e - Alien baddies are attempting to take over space 10MB   arcade  
  Mac-Yun-Soft's The Big Quest 1.5 - Collect precious jewels inside a old haunted castle 9MB   arcade  
  Retro Arcade 1.0.1 - Four arcade classics in one. 131K   arcade  
  Gold Strike 1.0 - Remove the blocks before the mine fills up game. 3MB   arcade  
  PokieJoX 2.0 - Poker/Slot machine game 3MB   arcade  
  Flip Words 2.0esl - Fun new word game. 4MB   arcade  
  Wetris 1.0.2 - Tetris like game with a twist. 5MB   arcade  
  BongoBoogie 1.51 - Brick wall game. 12MB   arcade  
  Flashfrog 0.1b4 - Near identical clone of the classic arcade game Frogger 11MB   arcade  
  Todd's Beachball Blast! 1.0 - Colorful blasterball-type game. 470K   arcade  
  Blaster Ball! 1.0 - Bounce the ball and try to destroy the colored bricks 472K   arcade  
  Bedlam 2 1.1.1 - Save the solar system from alien domination! 6MB   arcade  
  Airburst 1.055 - Fast-paced bubble bursting arcade game for Classic and OS X 12MB   arcade  
  Memory 1.0 - Memory game for kids 1MB   arcade  
  Snake Quest 1.1 - Advanced version of the classic snake game. 8MB   arcade  
  The Last Sorceror 1.0.5 - Fast-action spellcasting game. 27MB   arcade  
  RatMaster 1.0 - Guide a mouse through a maze 4MB   arcade  
  PLouf 1.0 - A simple strategy game. 1700K   arcade  
  Microbian 1.3 - Action-packed arcade game. 10MB   arcade  
  Pac-Man 1.0 - A fun pac-man clone. 472K   arcade  
  SpitUp 1.6 - Java 2 game with 2D accelleration. 504K   arcade  
  "Press the Red Button Game!" 1.2 - "Press the Red Button Game!" 1MB   arcade  
  AsteroidZ 1.0 - Classic asteroids game. 2MB   arcade  
  Pharaoh's Gold 1.0.2 - A new arcade/puzzle/maze game where you collect treasures 10MB   arcade  
  X Ball 2.6 - Next generation cash-based breakout style game 6MB   arcade  
  Roadworks X 1.12 - Arcade tile laying game 3MB   arcade  
  Shippy1984 - A classic space shooter game 624K   arcade  
  NoseDive Prowl 1.1 - Simple space-shooter 280K   arcade  
  Starbase Defender 1.0.1 - Starbase Defender is an intense game reminiscent of old classics. 15MB   arcade  
  Vector Games 1.0 - Play four classic 80's arcade games. 4MB   arcade  
  Anthill 1.1 - Save the ant colony in this intriguing game. 5MB   arcade  
  Project Magellan 3.0 - A thrilling high speed shooter. 3MB   arcade  
  Ignazio the Frog 1.0 - Save Ignazio the frog in this pacman-like game. 3MB   arcade  
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