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  Rock and Roll 1.0 - Rock and roll your wheel through the levels 18MB   arcade  
  GlenTris 1.0.1 - A simple Tetris clone. 2MB   arcade  
  loopTHEloop 1.2.1 - A 'falling block' puzzle game for Mac OS X 2.8MB   arcade  
  Marbol 1.0 - Marble puzzle game. 5.4K   arcade  
  Exit Strategy .9 - fall with some addictive physics 2.5MB   arcade  
  WordEm for OSX 1.0 - WordEm is a fast-paced, arcade style word puzzler game! 17408K   arcade  
  BreakQuest 1.0.3 - Brick-breaking with real physics and 100 unique levels 9.5MB   arcade  
  BlockBuster Independence Day (Mac) 1.1 - Enjoy an amasing arcade game, special release for Independence Day! Now on Mac. 761K   arcade  
  MacBlox 2.0.2 - Colorful Tetris clone featuring network play 360K   arcade  
  Luxor - Ball-shooting action-puzzler in Ancient Egypt 13.7MB   arcade  
  Derelict 1.03 - Fast-action alien fighter game. 4.9MB   arcade  
  Spelled Knights of Light (Mac) 1.0 - Join the Spelled Knights of Light and save Three Kingdoms. Now on Mac. 8101K   arcade  
  Nervous Breakdown 1.0 - free breakout 746K   arcade  
  Parasol Wallop! 1.2 - Brick-bashing game with cartoonish graphics. 5.8MB   arcade  
  Wire Hang Redux 050515 - Grapling hook climbing game 221K   arcade  
  BrickShooter Jr 1.1 - Variant of the BrockShooter game 7K   arcade  
  N 1.4 - Reminiscent of LodeRunner 1.3MB   arcade  
  Galactic Patrol 2.1 - 3D homage to the classic arcade hits of the early 80's 3MB   arcade  
  Acres Of Gold 1.0 - Jump from island to island in order to collect gold 2.3MB   arcade  
  Submarines 1.3 - Navigate ship thru minefield, destroy enemy subs 4MB   arcade  
  The Cursed Wheel 1.0 - Discover the ancient secret hidden by the Mayan pyramid. 10.8MB   arcade  
  BushPanic 1.0.1 - Political throwing game with Kerry and Bush 3MB   arcade  
  Chowder 1.0 - Dave Dobson's new game of Marine Mayhem 3.9MB   arcade  
  PongKong 1.0 - Classic Pong game with midi functionality 981K   arcade  
  Colours 2.0.1 - Tetris-like game to match colors on falling bricks in well 86K   arcade  
  Plink 1.0 - A ball dropping, coin collecting, crazy bouncing, fun and addictive game. 4.5MB   arcade  
  Multris 1.1 - Fast paced block dropping action. 865K   arcade  
  Think Ahead X 0.9.5 - Classic puzzle/strategy game 51K   arcade  
  Illustrix: Dog Dream 1.0 - New friends on your Mac. Play Illustrix! 2128K   arcade  
  Diamonds 1.6 - Humorous arcade game 6.2MB   arcade  
  Frenesia 1.0 - Frenetic shoot em up game 7MB   arcade  
  Bowling Bounce 1.0 - Bowling bomb game 9.1MB   arcade  
  TicTacToe 1.0 - Tic Tac Toe game 35K   arcade  
  Pop the College Bubble 1.0 - Short, fun Flash game poking fun at college life 1.5MB   arcade  
  Illustrix: Bird Dream 1.0 - Absolutist introduces the new genre mix. Enjoy the best! 2719K   arcade  
  Cosmo Bots 1.01a - Arcade puzzle action game inspired by Qix and Jezzball 8.3MB   arcade  
  Rubik 1.1 - Rubik's Cube game 260K   arcade  
  Adagio Demo 2.00 - 2D scrolling retro arcade action! 10MB   arcade  
  FloboPuyo 0.20 - PuyoPuyo clone game 3MB   arcade  
  Bob's Bricks Millennium Edition 1.0.3 - Help Bob drop bricks on his head 2MB   arcade  
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