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  Artesia Racer 1.0b - Simple OpenGL racing game 9MB   action  
  Tempest in a Teapot .01 - 3D "Utah" Teapots hunting game 2MB   action  
  Apteryx 1.1.2 - Navigate your spaceship through several dozen levels 900K   action  
  3DBlur 1.0b2 - Fast-pace 3D obstacle course game 3MB   action  
  Gridz 1.5.1 - Fast action strategy arcade game 6MB   action  
  Pumpkin King Halloween 1.6r1 - Funny action game: protect the pumpkin 659K   action  
  Roadrunner Video Poker 1.1 - A complete Video Poker 1MB   action  
  SilverCreator 1.0.1 - Game creation program with a robust sprite system 3MB   action  
  Whack 'em All 2.0 - Kill the gangsters in this shooting gallery game 945K   action  
  QBeez 1.2 - Fast-action, puzzle-solving gameplay with fun challenges 4MB   action  
  The Barrier 1.0 - Mac-Compatible 1st person shooter, Shockwave3D game 400K   action  
  Macnetic Memory 1.0 - Addictive memory puzzle game. (OS X & Classic) 4MB   action  
  Battle for the Universe 2.0 - Battle against interstellar enemies 2MB   action  
  Native Assault For OS X 1.2 - Similar in play to the old days of classic 2-D blasters 2MB   action  
  Netrikulator 1.0.2 - Puzzle game, similar to a combination of Tetris and Pipe Dreams 10MB   action  
  Bomby 1.0 - A Bomberman clone with nice gameplay and graphics (uDevGame 2001 contest) 2MB   action  
  Ultra Blast6 1.0 - One on one ship fighting action in 3D! (uDevGame 2001 contest) 65K   action  
  Silly Balls 1.0 - Control a marble around 3D landscapes (uDevGame 2001 contest) 1MB   action  
  Astro 1.01 - A simple arcade-style game (uDevGame 2001 contest) 212K   action  
  Zed Nought 1.0 - A fast side scrolling shooter (uDevGame 2001 contest) 4MB   action  
  Soldiers Beta 1.2 - You are an ex-marine, whose job is to kill aliens 2MB   action  
  Push Push Cartoons 1.2 - Cartoons, jazz music and cool puzzle game 2MB   action  
  glTron 0.61 - An open source, 3D Tron-style game 1MB   action  
  BrickBall 1.0 - 3D adaptation of the classic "Breakout" genre 3MB   action  
  Chicken-fight - Fast-paced action game where worm battles a chicken 210K   action  
  GMG Netris 1.1 - An internet playable version of the popular Tetris game 248K   action  
  Chucky's Jammin' Downhill Adventure 1.0 - Guide Chucky down the slippery slopes 689K   action  
  Tanks of Terror 1.1 - An OpenGL kart racing game for Power Macintosh 8MB   action  
  Heretic 0.9.3 - First-person shoot-em-up in the same style as Doom 244K   action  
  Cloudz 1.4.5 - An offbeat 3D, OpenGL-compatible action game 6MB   action  
  Keno Buddies 1.1 - Enjoy Keno with your two virtual Keno buddies 7MB   action  
  Wall-Up 1.0a - Guide four marbles at once into the proper slots 1MB   action  
  Weekend Warrior 1.3 - Play in the most action packed game show ever aired 33MB   action  
  Avara 1.0.1 - Ambrosia's real-time graphic action game. 2MB   action  
  Harry the Handsome Executive 1.0.1 - Scoot and kick Harry's swivel chair through ScumCo 6MB   action  
  Scrungle 1.0 - Squish, bomb, and shoot artificially intelligent enemies 585K   action  
  Mars Rising 1.0.2 - Puts players in the pilot seat of the prototype Vac-Fighter 5MB   action  
  Sumo Hoppers 0.9 - Sumo game for two players 568K   action  
  Thesaurus Tangle 1.0 - A quick-thinking word game 3MB   action  
  UnrealFinder 1.0.2 - Finds Unreal game servers on the net allowing networked play against others 383K   action  
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