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  Ninepin Bowling Simulation - Enjoy Ninepin Bowling, a popular sport! 38MB   sports  
  Beast Boxing Turbo - Can you get to the top of the four boxing leagues of Beasthalla? 159MB   sports  
  Powerslam - The first ever pro wrestling game for Mac! 28MB   sports  
  PassagePlus - Passage planning and navigation for leisure sailing. 5MB   sports  
  Ziggy Putts - Help Ziggy to avoid all obstacles on the golf course and safely roll a ball down a golf hole 53MB   sports  
  CoachStat Baseball - Full featured baseball statistics program 32.6MB   sports  
  Gutterball - Golden Pin Bowling - Hit the lanes for a fun night of bowling with Gutterball - Golden Pin Bowling for Mac 81MB   sports  
  Tennis Elbow Manager 2011 - Become a tennis coach and manage up to 4 tennis players ! 42.1MB   sports  
  OOTP Baseball 2007 - Create your own baseball universe. 269.1MB   sports  
  Planet Horse - Freely ride your horse in spectacular settings. Achieve numerous challenges and more 100MB   sports  
  Awesome Soccer World 2010 - Fast action soccer game with amazing swerving goals, overhead kicks and diving headers! 46MB   sports  
  New Star Grand Prix - A top-down racing game 25.7MB   sports  
  Island Racer - A casual racing game with unique landscapes 72.8MB   sports  
  Awesome Soccer - Awesome Soccer - Score Spectacular Goals By Swerving The Ball Both Ways! 43433K   sports  
  Awesome Soccer - Awesome Soccer - Score Spectacular Goals By Swerving The Ball Both Ways! 42MB   sports  
  Ferrari3D - Simple 3D racing game 10MB   sports  
  Colin McRae Rally Mac Demo 2 - Colin McRae Rally Mac Demo 2 290MB   sports  
  Toca Race Driver 3 - Honda Civic Demo - Single Player demo of the game with one track and the new shape Honda Civic 288MB   sports  
  Ford Racing 2 Demo - Demo of Feral's Ford Racing 2 (Now Universal) 39MB   sports  
  Tiki Magic Mini Golf - Tiki Magic Mini Golf is mini golf like you’ve never seen it! 35.6MB   sports  
  Championship Manager 2008 - The fastest, most accessible Football Management game to date! 120MB   sports  
  Colin McRae Rally Mac - Colin McRae Rally Mac single player demo 342MB   sports  
  Football Manager 2008 Demo - Demo of Football Manager 2008. 500MB   sports  
  Croquet! - Croquet! 13.15MB   sports  
  Minigolf Mania - A fun 3D action-packed minigolf game. 15.5MB   sports  
  OOTP Baseball Manager 2006 Demo - Create your own baseball universe 28MB   sports  
  Cro-Mag Rally Demo - Speed-hungry caveman race in primitive vehicles 40MB   sports  
  Dominoes - Make dominoes sircle. 10K   sports  
  Football Manager 2006 Beta Demo - Demo of Football Manager 2006 59MB   sports  
  Football Manager 2005 Gold Demo - Demo of Football Manager 2005 127MB   sports  
  Playmaker Football - Legendary football simulation for the Macintosh 1MB   sports  
  Virtual Grand Prix 2 Demo - An advanced open-wheeled racecar simulation 22MB   sports  
  Total Immersion Racing Demo - Demo of Feral's Total Immersion Racing 133MB   sports  
  Player Manager 2003 - Demo of popular soccer management sim 32MB   sports  
  Championship Manager 4 Demo - Demo of soccer management simulation 41MB   sports  
  Player Manager 2003 - Soccer management game 63MB   sports  
  F1 Championship Season 2000 Demo - Demo of Feral's Formula 1 racing game 42MB   sports  
  Championship Manager 01/02 - Demo of the fantasy soccer game 15MB   sports  
  WaterRace Demo - Offshore racing game with unique characters, levels and ships 24MB   sports  
  Alley 19 - Fantastic bowling simulation from Starplay 7MB   sports  
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