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  Saving Clicklandia - The Legendary Dragon has attacked, unleashing terror and disorder upon the once-tranquil realm. 580MB   adventure & rpg  
  Saving Clicklandia CE - The Legendary Dragon has attacked, unleashing terror and disorder upon the once-tranquil realm. 580MB   adventure & rpg  
  Claire's Cruisin' Cafe 3: Fest Frenzy CE - Join Claire as she embarks on a journey of culinary discovery! 350MB   adventure & rpg  
  Montgomery Fox Case 3 - As the clock struck midnight, and darkness enveloped the city in silence, a valuable painting was stolen from the museum. The only problem is that the thief had no idea he actually stole it! 510MB   adventure & rpg  
  Dark City: International Intrigue CE - An urgent message brings a world-renowned detective to a New York City engulfed in flames, but ... 1765MB   adventure & rpg  
  Magic City Detective: Rage Under Moon CE - Fear destroys the concept of values, but should not break you on the way to unraveling the ... 1200MB   adventure & rpg  
  Living Legends: The Blue Chamber - Help Alex solve the castle's puzzles and challenges as he races to learn the truth behind the ... 1603MB   adventure & rpg  
  The Red Book - Discover and defend the rare animals previously unknown to science! 700MB   adventure & rpg  
  Halloween Stories: Mark on the Bone CE - When your old friend receives a mysterious letter pleading for help, it will take all of your ... 1030MB   adventure & rpg  
  Unsolved Case: Murderous Script CE - The life of a detective is unpredictable. You never know what awaits you around the next corner. 1200MB   adventure & rpg  
  Golden Rails 5: Valuable Package - An exciting new adventure in the world of mail delivery! 280MB   adventure & rpg  
  Crossroads: Escaping the Dark CE - Crossroads is open for business once again, and Mistress Eve is back, serving up guidance as only sh 1324MB   adventure & rpg  
  Crowded Mysteries CE - Become a detective, solve crimes, interrogate suspects, and find clues. 600MB   adventure & rpg  
  Connected Hearts: The Musketeers Saga CE - The kingdom is in danger! Can you stop the rogue conspirators and help reunite the separated loving 1200MB   adventure & rpg  
  Shopping Clutter 22: Houte Couture - Help the Walker family prepare for the fashion show! 350MB   adventure & rpg  
  Grim Tales: Horizon Of Wishes - Anna’s father’s spirit has been quiet recently… A little too quiet. 719MB   adventure & rpg  
  Living Legends: The Blue Chamber CE - Help Alex solve the castle’s puzzles and challenges as he races to learn the truth behind the cast 2140MB   adventure & rpg  
  Cat Lovescapes - The Black cat wants to reach his true love, but first, he needs to pass all the obstacles on his way 555MB   adventure & rpg  
  Camelot 2: The Holy Grail CE - Hurry up! locate the Grail and return to the queen before it's too late! 1500MB   adventure & rpg  
  Little Kite - Little Kite is a point-and-click story driven adventure. 200MB   adventure & rpg  
  Snow White Solitaire: Charmed Kingdom - Explore fantasy worlds, collect valuable cards, break through obstacles and use magical abilitie... 500MB   adventure & rpg  
  Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World - Kaptain Brawe is critically acclaimed old school point n' click adventure. In a alternate realit... 300MB   adventure & rpg  
  Where Angels Cry - Investigate a mysterious, medieval monastery and reveal the terrifying truth in this puzzle adve... 490MB   adventure & rpg  
  Lantern of Worlds: The First Quest - Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest is an RPG inspired by West-European fairytales and mythology... 911MB   adventure & rpg  
  Lantern of Worlds: The Story of Layla - Fight and Defeat evil foes and menacing monsters! 771MB   adventure & rpg  
  Song of Farca - Hack into crime scenes, look for evidence, analyze data, interrogate criminals, track suspects a... 2000MB   adventure & rpg  
  Dead Link - When Ellen gets a call from her sister Amanda to visit her, she gets tangled in the things she c... 1100MB   adventure & rpg  
  Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion - ROOMS: The Toymaker's Mansion is a unique puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzle and platformer ... 97MB   adventure & rpg  
  Svartkolla - Your only black sheep is lost on top of a hill. Find a way to get her down. 59MB   adventure & rpg  
  Varenje - Get yourself a little summer's day with a raspberry jam adventure! 1500MB   adventure & rpg  
  Hiddenverse: Rise Of Ariadna - Unite with Ariadna in order to help in finding her inner power. As she is the only one who can s... 233MB   adventure & rpg  
  Design Hero - Join the best creative agency to fight evil clients in this visual novel based in NY. 125MB   adventure & rpg  
  Hiddenverse: Divided Kingdom - The Kingdom is in chaos! As kingdom's influential representatives are quarreling, Lady Sarah, th... 233MB   adventure & rpg  
  Creepy Dungeons - An arcade game with an RPG touch ! 45MB   adventure & rpg  
  Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales 2 - Prince Percydal was cursed and turned into a frog, a kiss of his love, princess Repunzel, is ... 200MB   adventure & rpg  
  Bunnyrama - Bunnyramais a unique and challenging puzzle adventure game where your goal is to lead the old ma... 56MB   adventure & rpg  
  Glorkian Warrior - Procedurally generated invader flight patterns and formations, with many landscapes to explore! 72MB   adventure & rpg  
  The Keeper of Antiques: The Imaginary Wo - Someone has activated an artifact that takes people to a world filled with their wildest fantasies. 993MB   adventure & rpg  
  Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow - A menacing presence has claimed its first victim on the streets of the Fairy Kingdom! More will ... 154MB   adventure & rpg  
  New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 5 - Save King Arthur from a fate worse than helmet hair! 244MB   adventure & rpg  
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