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  Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower - When news of a creature stealing the souls of men from a local village reaches your coven, it's the perfect chance for you to prove you're ready to join their ranks! 900MB   puzzle  
  Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road CE - Chaos takes hold when an unknown villain executes an evil plan in the small village of Catstown! 1200MB   puzzle  
  Dreams of a Geisha - Unveil the Enchantment of Geisha in an Extraordinary Match-3 Adventure! 190MB   puzzle  
  Gloomy Tales: One-Way Ticket CE - Investigate the mysterious disappearances plaguing the Halloween party and confront the elusive Allister, the sinister monster responsible for these chilling abductions! 1900MB   puzzle  
  Gloomy Tales: Horrific Show CE - A magical circus adventure with true disappearance! Watch the performance of a traveling circus and don't let your sister be hurt by the forces of evil! 1800MB   puzzle  
  Viking Heroes IV - Join the Viking heroes in a race against time to save the world from eternal darkness. 410MB   puzzle  
  Word Search Coffee Break - A classic Word Search game to enjoy during your break! 160MB   board & card  
  It Happened Here: Streaming Lives CE - When a series of grisly murders occur in widower Emily Smith's city, she finds that she and her new podcast may present the best chance to investigate and bring the culprit to justice! 1200MB   puzzle  
  Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle CE - Continue your detective journey and stop the star thefts! There is no peace for the magical stars of the worlds. 560MB   puzzle  
  Incredible Dracula 10: Dark Carnival CE - An enchanting challenge to solve a magical conundrum! 1100MB   puzzle  
  Ancient Relics - Egypt - Unearth Egyptian mysteries in this thrilling match-3 game! 320MB   puzzle  
  Mystical Riddles: Ship From Beyond CE - A fog has covered the waterfront of the port town of Quitcap, from which, the local fishermen who enter there, are not destined to return... Can you solve this mystery? 1640MB   puzzle  
  Shopping Clutter 24: Dracula's Summerhouse - Help Mr. Rat transform his antique store into Dracula's lair! 360MB   puzzle  
  Solitaire Quest: Garden Story - Join the captivating journey of Solitaire Quest: Garden Story and watch the garden bloom under your care. 680MB   board & card  
  Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower CE - When news of a creature stealing the souls of men from a local village reaches your coven, it's the perfect chance for you to prove you're ready to join their ranks! 1300MB   puzzle  
  Crossroad of Worlds: Cursed Letters CE - Detectives of the Worlds' Edge agency are ever watchful. Find out who could benefit from the stolen stars not returning to their rightful owners? 620MB   puzzle  
  Rescue Team 15: Mineral Of Miracles - An unforgettable adventure filled with danger, intrigue, and the promise of immortality! 780MB   puzzle  
  Claire's Cruisin' Cafe 3: Fest Frenzy CE - Join Claire as she embarks on a journey of culinary discovery! 350MB   adventure & rpg  
  Royal Romances: Endless Winter CE - Welcome to the Ice Age! Sometimes saving one life can change the fate of many. Can you melt the ice in people's hearts? 1900MB   puzzle  
  Reflections of Life: Spindle of Fate - When a long-forgotten race returns for an artifact capable of controlling the destiny of the know worlds, can you find the Spindle of Fate first and save the realms from destruction? 890MB   puzzle  
  Crossroad of Worlds Magic stars CE - Uncle Randall of his detective agency and the Guardian of Worlds are pleading with you for help - someone has encroached on the magical worlds again! 630MB   puzzle  
  Montgomery Fox Case 3 - As the clock struck midnight, and darkness enveloped the city in silence, a valuable painting was stolen from the museum. The only problem is that the thief had no idea he actually stole it! 510MB   adventure & rpg  
  Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One CE - The important thing in life is to be able to let go of the past and always be open to an uncharted future. Could you embrace your destiny and save the kingdom? 1200MB   puzzle  
  Viking Heroes IV CE - Join the Viking heroes in a race against time to save the world from eternal darkness. 460MB   puzzle  
  Puzzle Box - Puzzle Box - a collection of ten educational and fun puzzle games 950MB   puzzle  
  Amazing Trip to Europe - Search and Find hidden items while traveling across Europe! 270MB   puzzle  
  Unsolved Case: The Scarlet Hyacinth CE - A series of crimes are happening before your eyes: a murder in an alley, the murder of your boss, a kidnapping in broad daylight, and so on... Can you handle it all? 1200MB   puzzle  
  Hermes 5: The Fury Of Megaera - Fueled by resentment and a thirst for power, Megaera has set her sights on Aphrodite. 710MB   puzzle  
  Crossroad of Worlds Mirrors to Other worlds CE - Ancient mirrors hold many magical kingdoms, but someone is trying to destroy them! Solve mysteries, search for hidden objects, and stop the evildoers! 790MB   puzzle  
  Book Travelers: A Victorian Story - As head librarian takes a strange turn when novelist Charlotte Bronte herself magically appears to ask for your help! 643MB   puzzle  
  City Legends: The Ghost of Misty Hill CE - The most gruesome incidents often occur in medical institutions, the doors of which hide unexplained incidents. Can you handle the darkest secrets of Misty Hill? 1500MB   puzzle  
  Montgomery Fox 2 - Detective Montgomery Fox is back in the Case of the Missing Ballerinas and he's ready to solve another thrilling mystery! Find hidden objects to reveal clues and locate the missing ballerinas! 460MB   puzzle  
  Rescue Team 15: Mineral Of Miracles CE - An unforgettable adventure filled with danger, intrigue, and the promise of immortality! 850MB   puzzle  
  Mystery Case Files: The Last Resort CE - After your last case, a ski trip is just what the doctor ordered, but this is no vacation! 890MB   puzzle  
  Clutter 13: Greatest Hits - Clutter's Greatest Hits + The B-Sides!!! 950MB   puzzle  
  Let Me Sleep - Overcome the ever-present horrors in a haunted house full of mysteries. 1000MB   puzzle  
  Rescue Team 14: Magnetic Storm - A thrilling mission to save the earth from magnetic storms! 850MB   puzzle  
  New Yankee 13: Mary's Dark Side CE - An epic quest to restore Mary's memories, and safeguard the future of the world! 520MB   puzzle  
  Fuzzy Flip - Colorful and huggable, the Fuzzies invite you to join their exciting puzzle quest to make everybody happy in this fun and relaxing Match game! 220MB   puzzle  
  Shopping Clutter 23: Beauty Salon - Help the Walker family set up the "Walkers & Rat" beauty salon while Animalville is still visible beneath the piles of fur! 360MB   puzzle  
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