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  Shadow Warrior - First person shooter with an oriental twist 12946K   action  
  Color Dark Castle - Classic arcade game now in color 1MB   arcade  
  Absolute Solitaire - America's Greatest Solitaire Games 310K   board & card  
  AmoebArena - Wage war with microscopic armies 3MB   strategy & war  
  Internet Chess - Client for playing chess on the internet using ICC 1MB   board & card  
  Aha! - Clear blocks from the playing field by the max numbers possible 5MB   board & card  
  Blades of Exile - Fourth installment in the RPG from Spiderweb 3MB   adventure & rpg  
  µWar - Space Invader style arcade game in the cruel micro-computer industry. 2MB   action  
  Alley 19 - Fantastic bowling simulation from Starplay 7MB   sports  
  Nuclear Hammer - War has erupted on Mars. Players fight to win or die 5MB   strategy & war  
  Star Wars: Dark Forces - Join the Rebel Alliance, battle the Imperial forces! 5MB   action  
  Racing Days R - Best-selling racing simulation for Macintosh from Japan 12MB   sports  
  Warcraft - Real-time fantasy strategy game from Blizzard 3MB   strategy & war  
  Warcraft II - Sequel to the epic real-time strategy game 1MB   strategy & war  
  Starcraft - Epic real-time strategy game set in space 40MB   strategy & war  
  Nascar Racing - Race against over 30 officially licensed 1996 NASCAR drivers 6MB   sports  
  Lode Runner 2 - Lode Runner for the Mac is back! 12MB   action  
  Blaster II - Out-in-space, shoot-'em-up arcade-style game 5MB   arcade  
  Marathon - The original first-person shooter from Bungie 5MB   action  
  X-Wing - Critically-acclaimed classic space combat simulation 7MB   simulations  
  Duke Nukem 3D - Hilarous first-person shooter from MacSoft 9MB   action  
  Golden Logres - A classic pinball game set in King Arthur's realm 22MB   arcade  
  DOOM - Classic first-person shooter from id Software 3MB   action  
  Dark Vengeance - Embark on a 3D expedition into the black heart 33MB   action  
  IndyCar Racing II - Exciting racing simulation from Sierra 10MB   sports  
  Bomber III - This demo is a fully operational version of BOMBER III 7MB   strategy & war  
  Diamonds 3D - Breakout in three dimensions 2MB   board & card  
  Command & Conquer - Fantastic modern real-time strategy game 10MB   strategy & war  
  Deadlock - Seven alien races struggle to build their empires 19MB   strategy & war  
  Damage, Inc. - Lead a highly-trained marine strike force 13MB   action  
  Descent II - Part 2 in the Descent saga 9MB   action  
  The Settlers II - Fantasy adventure role playing game 9MB   strategy & war  
  Astro Chase 3D - Slam into 3D space combat 4MB   action  
  Backstage Starring Carol Channing - Get to the stage on time in this theatrical Myst-like game. 7MB   adventure & rpg  
  Blood Pong - The future of pong sport is here 3MB   arcade  
  Diablo - Explore the catacombs of a fantasy world 69MB   adventure & rpg  
  Kaged - Maneuver orbs to match the correct puzzle solution 2MB   strategy & war  
  Marathon 2 - Sequel to the popular first person shooter 16MB   action  
  Marathon Infinity - Third and final installment of the Marathon Series 19MB   action  
  Nethergate - Play Romans or Celts in this classic RPG 7MB   adventure & rpg  
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