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  PlanetaryConquest Terrain Pack 1.0 - Sixteen new terrains for Planetary Conquest 1MB   skins, models, & objects  
  Earthshaker 2001 - Powerful new D2-style Earthshaker missile for D3 475K   descent 3  
  Phantom II for D3 - A new ship for D3 multiplayer 258K   descent 3  
  Juke Box (The Sims) - A new Jukebox for the Sims. 841K   the sims  
  Drew Barrymore (The Sims) - Add Drew Barrymore to The Sims 10K   skins, models, & objects  
  Courtney Cox (The Sims) - Add Courtney Cox to The Sims 8K   skins, models, & objects  
  Leonardo DeCaprio (The Sims) - Add Leonardo DeCaprio to The Sims 10K   skins, models, & objects  
  Coped Flowers (The Sims) - New Coped Flowers for The Sims, just what every sim needs! 814K   the sims  
  George Costanza Picture (The Sims) - Adds the picture of George Costanza's pose in Seinfield for The Sims 99K   the sims  
  Elvis Painting (The Sims) - Adds an Elvis Painting to The Sims 66K   the sims  
  Black Metal Fridge (The Sims) - Adds a Black Metal Fridge to The Sims 442K   the sims  
  Ashley Judd (The Sims) - Add Ashley Judd to The Sims 10K   skins, models, & objects  
  David Schwimmer (The Sims) - Adds David Schwimmer to The Sims 8K   the sims  
  Trash Pack for The Sims - The new Trash Pack objects for The Sims 300K   the sims  
  Party Baloons for The Sims - New Party Baloons for The Sims 233K   the sims  
  Flamingo Light for The Sims - Flamingo Light object for The Sims 273K   the sims  
  Topiaries for The Sims - New object for The Sims on the Macintosh 1MB   the sims  
  Black Arm - New Skins for Rainbow Six (Rainbow Six) 24K   rainbow six  
  Argos - This .pak comes with a total of 3 skins (Quake 3) 2MB   quake 3 arena  
  Baja - Offroad - A blue truck that will demo most others (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Baja - Street - Great asthetics, horrible handling (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Banger - A Demolition car complete with ads (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Beach Buggie - Great looking, but bad handling (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Big Foot - Huge monsterous wheels...what else? (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Cala - Real life™ looking, but won't hold up in a fight (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Dalek (from Dr. Who) - Try that funky "Dalek" car from "Dr. Who" (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Devourer - Great creation, 2nd only to the dumpster (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Ducatti - Awesome ducatti motorcycle, but doesn't drive well (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Effin 111 - A nice simple truck (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Fire Truck - Really well designed Fire Truck with a punch (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Fire Wall - Kinda neat lookin, but thats it (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Firebird - Nice recreation of the actual Firebird (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Garbage Collector - Plow thru peds as garbage falls out the back (Carmageedon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  GMD Van - A great looking, but hard to handle van (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Hearse - The hearse in Carma 1 was better, but still not bad (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Log Car - Neat for a spin, but probably not a keeper (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Mauler - A supersized remote controlled car on steroids (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  McLaren - Super-realistic looking car. A must for car lovers (Carmageddon 2) 1MB   carmageddon 2  
  Mini - A great recreation of the Austin Mini (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
  Monster Jeep - A really big car with lots of power (Carmageddon 2) 0MB   carmageddon 2  
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