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Publisher iDoctor
Type Shareware
License GNU/ Free
Version 1.8
Date Added 10/19/2011
Size 2.6 MB
Downloads This Version 2,636
Downloads of All Time 3,086
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pChess 1.8

A basic chess app for Macintosh OSX, with nice graphics and a built-in FEN Viewer. Uses a classic Shannon type MiniMax search with Quiescence extensions and Alpha-Beta pruning. It supports Fischer games, copy/paste of FEN positions, and SAN Notation.

Cool Audio and Visual Brain features let you listen and see as it evaluates moves. Load and Save games, with unlimited Undo/Redo. The opening book includes over 10,000 moves from the ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings). Runs at about 1500 ELO. Comes complete with FutureBasic 5 source code.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

New in version 1.8:
- Added Hash Tables and Iterative Deepening. This should speed searches significantly.
- The Opening Book is now bundled and auto-loaded at startup.
- Captured pieces are now displayed in the info area.
- The evaluation is now more subtle, with many improved evaluation features:
- Adjusted the default weights of the knight and bishop, such that the following
conditions will occur: i) B > N > 3P; ii) B + N = R + 1.5P; iii) Q + P = 2R.
Thus, _bishopWt = 330; _knightWt = 320, as per: Tomasz Michniewski (ChessWiki)
- Improved the pawn tropism, added knight tropism, and a bonus for a bishop pair.
- It would previously castle into open (bad!) positions. Now it should only castle
into a position behind a protecting pawn.
- Positional scores have been normalized so as not to exceed material scores. This should help prevent bad trades.
- A bug in quiescenceSearch() which was lowering recapture scores was fixed.
- You can now load and save FEN with enPassant information.
- Clicking a square now shows only legal moves for the piece. Previously, it would show all moves for a piece whether they were legal or not.

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Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OSX 10.5+ PPC or Intel

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Mac Games Rating joan devries (10/29/2010 - version 1.0.4)
great chess app for the mac. nice graphics. loads up fast when i want to email a chess move with the built-in FEN viewer.

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