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Type Shareware
License Freeware
Version 0.10.4
Date Added 2/17/2012
Size 27.2 MB
Downloads This Version 1,920
Downloads of All Time 3,731
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Freecol 0.10.4

FreeCol is an open source version of Colonization. It is a Civilization-like game in which the player has to conquer the new world.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 0.10.4:

New Features:

* Allow for multiple unit emigration, recommend- ed by fenyo1. (r.9608 by mpope; Feature request by fenyo1)
* Lost City Rumor may now display warning of Mayan Apocalypse (r.9546 by mpope)
* FR #3406501: Upstream .desktop file added for GNU/Linux distributions. (r.9540 by burschik)
* Added Mod by Marko Vo that increases the importances of trade. (r.9255 by burschik)
* FR #3061796: Player now has the option to be notified audibly at beginning of turn or when notification windows appear. (r.9114 by burs- chik; Feature written by Florian Simon Tramer and Yuan.)

Bug Fixes:

* Bug #3484879: Fix bug where incorrect message would display when the Player tried to build a colony in a tile adjoining a AI Nation's Settle- ment Tile. (r.9603 by mpope)
* Bug #3479537: Portuguese mountains now named. (r.9582 by calebrw and mpope)
* Bug #3479443: Type of Native plunder from Colony now specified. (r.9581 by mpope)
* Bug #3477516: Fixed bug where error message thrown when units move through new regions. (r.9580 by mpope)
* Bug #2988336: REF Unit color codes display properly, reducing visual confusion (r.9574 by burschik)
* Bug #3477263: Fixed plural and singular typos in REF units (r.9573 by burschik) as well as plu- ral use in other cases (r.9575 by burschik)
* Indian units now display properly (r.9572 by burschik)
* Bug #3375773: Fixed a more complex version of this bug, where tiles owned by a settlement were not losing their ownership when the settlement was destroyed. Originally fixed with release 0.10.1. (r.9561 by mpope).
* Fixed bug where AI Colonies destroyed them- selves while defending attacks (r.9560 and r.9568 by mpope)
* Fixed bug when viewing tile direction (r.9559 by mpope)
* Bug #3424496: REF Dragoons are now demoted to Regulars properly (r.9558 by burschik)
* Bug #3441806: Saved games now loaded cor- rectly when another game is in-progress (r.9557 by burschik)
* National Advantage now displays correctly and Colony Plan updated to better use National Ad- vantage (r.9553 and r.9554 by mpope)
* Fixed bug where plundered gold could amount to zero. (r.9549 by mpope)
* Fixed bug where units sailing to New World would not reach destination properly (r.9544 by mpope)
* Fix bugs when selecting options (r.9539 and r.9542 by burschik)
* Occupations indicators now render correctly. (r.9538 and r.9552 by mpope)
* Fixed bugs when choosing where to repair carri- ers. (r.9537 by mpope)
* Fixed bug where warning would appear when saving game (r.9526 by mpope)
* Bug #3440553: Added beach tile images. (burs- chik) (Further improvements made in r.9444 by burschik)

* Fix incorrect use of StringTemplate when TileItemContainer contains neither Resource nor finished Improvement, but other TileItems. (r.9421 by burschik)
* Colopedia now called correctly (r.9420 by burs- chik)
* Native Settlements now display wanted goods properly (r.9412 by mpope)
* Units now find paths for efficiently, going places in few turns. (r.9383 by mpope)
* Bug #3442117: User can create game if map edi- tor fails. (burschik)
* Bug #3461752: Labor report now appears. (bur- schik)
* Bug #3456180: Fixed an error when AI colonies received goods. (mpope)
* Ships and wagons are no longer classified as per- sons within the code, fixing a backwards com- patibility issue (r.9275 and r.9276 by mpope)
* Bug #3444360: Fixed errors when created op- tions for new games. (mpope)
* Bug #3419501: Fixed a bug where Drag-and- Drop functionality would cease after Player cancelled certain actions or closed certain dialog boxes. (r.9239 and r.9242 by mpope)
* Bug #3430018: Fixed a bug where the "work-as" popup menu in colony view would not be in the correct position and would display roles that cannot be fulfilled. (r.9225 and r.9227 by burs- chik)
* Bug #3430371: Fixed a bug where an Arsenal would give free muskets when using the "Clas- sic" rule set. (r.9224 by burschik)
* Bug #1739586: Fixed a bug where AI Colony's population would change while the Colony's workers are being rearranged. (r.9218 by mpope)
* Bug #3420940: Fixed a bug where pressing the "Escape" key would quit the game while using certain versions of Windows. (r.9210 by burs- chik; Patch by josephfr)
* Fixed bug with server reconnect when attempt- ing to re-trade. (r.9209 by atamanio)
* Bug #3432874: Fixed a bug where Carrier units would display in the Europe dialog when not sailing to or from Europe. (r.9199 by mpope)
* Bug #3425283: Fixed a bug where Player not able to properly negotiate or extort European powers. (r.9197 by mpope)
* Bug #3420945: Fixed a bug where the Player is not notified if there are not enough hammers or tools to complete a building. (r.9187 by mpope)
* Bug #3418537: Fixed a bug where the Player is not notified if the Game is past the date where the player can no Declare Independence but try to do so. (r.9186 by mpope)
* Bug #3430135: Fixed a bug where "A game is already running" appeared when opening games. (r.9185 by mpope; Patch by tbach0729)
* Bug #3429876: Fixed a bug where sound would not play in certain environments (r.9139 by bur- schik; Patch by sinomaen)
* Fixed a bug where the End of Turn sequence would start without Player approval. (r.9128 by mpope)
* Bug #3428111: Fixed a bug where the Map Options dialog box would not open in certain environments (r.9127 by mpope)
* Bug #3206298: Fixed a bug where End-of-Turn reports were not generated properly. (r.9111 by mpope)
* Bug #3422007: Fixed a bug where Player settle- ments would not always choose the best defend-

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Java Virtual Machine version 1.5 or later

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating CaryMG (10/19/2009 - version 09alpha)
I always want to try & get into the Sid Meier stuff -- Civilization, Colonization, etc., etc. -- but they always look to complicated for a dope like me. lol But this looks like I can *finally* be able to experience what everyone's always talked about. This looks professionally made & I can't believe that it's *free*! lol A MUST DOWNLOAD.
Mac Games Rating Timmay D (8/31/2009 - version 08.4)
Without a doubt, the best version of Colonization ever. Wish there was more music, since what's there is great! Animated land tiles (crashing waves, etc) would be nice, too. But overall very true to the original and FREE! Way to go!

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