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Publisher ApexMods
Type Add-on
License Free
Version 1.0.0b8
Date Added 10/1/2012
Size 1484 MB
Downloads This Version 6,175
Downloads of All Time 14,839
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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0b8

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, the ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience. Unofficial expansion pack for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon with 150+ maps, 250+ weapons, tons of new content, packed with ass-kicking realism and countless other gameplay improvements. Maybe it's time to revisit the King of tactical shooters!

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Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 1.0b8:
  • Adjusted Command Map Interface
  • Adjusted HUD
  • Adjusted projectile properties (grenade blast radius increased)
  • Adjusted weapon zoom
  • Fixed game type file name
  • Fixed script bugs for empty dedicated servers on auto-launch
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated (E)XTRAS
  • Innovative new weapon zoom

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
- Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later (10.7 and up require PC game in a WineSkin wrapper)
- 1.0 GHz processor
- 512 MB RAM
- 64 MB video card
- 7 GB hard disk space (up to 9 GB during installation)
- Stereo sound
- 56 kbps TCP/IP connection (for

Mac Games Download

v1.0.0b8 Full Install
v1.0.0b8 Update

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Jack Stone (8/20/2012 - version 1.0.0b7)
I thought I was good at FPS until I tried Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed and completely got my ass kicked by enemy AI. This mod is pure hardcore! Forget about CoD, MW, BF, OFP, ArmA, etc. - NOTHING(!) in the world of shooters comes close to the suspense you'll experience playing this. Bricks will be shat! (FYI: Ghost Recon won't run on OS X 10.8, so I used a Wineskin wrapper and the PC version of the game and mod).
Mac Games Rating Jjaro (3/20/2010 - version 1.0.0b5)
Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is awesome! Hundreds of maps and weapons and a perfect mix of slow-paced tactical gameplay and action-packed firefights. Unbelievable that Ghost Recon is over 6 years old! With the Heroes Unleashed mod it looks and feels brand new and kicks the ever-loving sh*@ out of modern shooters! :D
Mac Games Rating Peter W. (3/8/2010 - version 1.0.0b5)
Simply amazing!
Mac Games Rating PFC (5/17/2009 - version 1.0.0b4)

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