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Geneforge 5: Overthrow
Mac Games Details
Publisher Spiderweb Software
Type Shareware
License $28
Version 1.0.4
Date Added 9/21/2009
Size 30.8 MB
Downloads This Version 2,178
Downloads of All Time 3,070
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Geneforge 5: Overthrow 1.0.4

Spiderweb Software brings you Geneforge 5: Overthrow, the final chapter in their fantasy epic. Return to the world of the Shapers one final time. Explore a vast, war-torn world, create and mold your own army of strange, powerful monsters, and choose a side to help lead to final victory.

Geneforge 5: Overthrow features:
• Enormous world, with over 80 areas to explore.
• Choose among five different factions, each with its own beliefs, cities, and quests. Help the rebels or fight them. Your choices will shape the world.
• Dozens of different endings. Choose for yourself how the saga will finally end.
• Many paths to victory. Slay your enemies or use stealth and diplomacy to outwit them. Become engrossed in the storyline or just go out and wreak havoc.
• Lots of replay value.
• Prior experience with the Geneforge series is completely unnecessary.

The Story:
The Shapers have the ability to create life in any form they choose. They can make living tools that obey their commands, plants that can flourish in the harshest wasteland, and powerful monsters that can crush all who oppose them. The Shapers ruled the known lands, and any who tried to rebel or learn their magical secrets were destroyed.

But then their creations rebelled. Working with humans jealous of their masters, they stole the secrets of the Shapers and created their own armies. They created and unleashed new, even more powerful creations and matched the Shapers in savagery. And now, years into the rebellion, the war has settled into a gruesome stalemate. The lands are scorched, and city after city falls.

The two sides are so delicately balanced that one brave warrior can turn the tide. Will you help the rebels overthrow the Shapers? Will you help the Shapers regain their power, tempted by the incredible rewards they offer? You might be able to end this war. Which side will you choose?

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 1.0.4:
• Fixes a problem with the graphics displaying properly on Snow Leopard

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
• Macintosh running System 10.3.9 or later.
• 50 MB free RAM.
• 200 MB hard disk space.
• 1024x768 screen resolution with 32 bit color.
• Geneforge 5 will run natively on Intel Macintoshes.

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Geneforge 5: Overthrow

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Den (4/17/2009 - version 1.0.2)
Good wide-ranging plot and combat that is challenging and takes some thinking without being excruciatingly difficult. Recommended for casual or hardcore RPG players. Not hack n' slash though--you gotta be into the story.
Mac Games Rating me (2/21/2009 - version 1.0.2)
I've been playing the Geneforge series since it came out... I agree with all of the above comments but I do think it's time they upgraded their graphics just a tiny bit... ;) and it's the only reason I'm giving it 4/5 . Otherwise, everything else that a true role player would want is there and the storyline is, indeed, very rich. It's worth the purchase in my opinion.
Mac Games Rating C.F. (11/21/2008 - version 1.0)
This is an excellent game. For those of you who have played past Geneforge games it has many improvements. The game has better graphics overall, including a widescreen support and windowed playing option as well. The new additions include a reworked magic system, as well a new class. The plot is also very gripping, I was caught within the first hour, with several factions you can either join or destroy. Truly a hidden gem within the mass of rpg's available. Be warned that even though its graphics have ben redone, they are by no means cutting edge.
Mac Games Rating istara (11/20/2008 - version 1.0)
A brilliant ending to the Geneforge series. There's no need to have played the others first, you can start with this and enjoy it just as much. The Geneforge series are RPGs for people that enjoy a proper role-playing game. It has a really involved and interesting storyline, and plenty of customisability when it comes to skills, weapon choices and playing style (hack and slash or more sneaky mechanics and trap disarming). You can play solo or with a big party of different creatures with different fighting abilities. Geneforge 5 is also very replayable as there are so many different factions you can join. These lead to very different quests and endings. The demo is huge so you really get a feel for the game before deciding whether to buy it or not. But given the many hours of playtime you get, it is well worth registering. All in all a wonderful game for true RPG fans. And because it has lower requirements, it should play on most laptops which makes it a great travelling game as well. So even if you generally prefer high-end console games with photo realistic graphics, remember you can't take them on holiday with you. (Not in a suitcase anyway). But Geneforge you can. And a tip: if you like this game, try Spiderweb Software's Avernum series as well.

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