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Publisher Sports Interactive Ltd 2007
Type Demo
License $34.99
Version 11.2.23
Date Added 9/23/2010
Size 269.1 MB
Downloads This Version 2,117
Downloads of All Time 4,954
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OOTP Baseball 2007 11.2.23

OOTP Baseball 2007 is the ultimate in realism, playability, and unparalleled customization. Create your own baseball universe using players of the past (via a direct link with the Baseball Archive), present or, for the ultimate challenge, using purely fictional players created by our award winning game engine. This is a fully functional, time limited demo version which will let you sim six months in game time.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 11.2.23:

  • Enhanced selection dropdown for free agency minimum service years to 25 years
  • Introduced user confirmation before resetting history text files to current game date when loading a database, i.e. after a crash
  • GMs in online leagues can now create baseball cards for persons with pictures
  • The "import photo file" feature is now available even if Facegen is disabled
  • Fixed/improved several hardcoded PbP entries
  • Fixed several issues with the scoring engine for earned/unearned runs
  • Entries in history files being deleted when older league file loaded
  • Quick start always defaults to New Game
  • Ghost players unavailable in fictional leagues
  • Problem importing historical players into a draft pool
  • Legacy bug involving fielding substitutions
  • Problems with using master.csv instead of odb file
  • Career Stats on Baseball Card for HOFer include minor league stats
  • Baseball Cards in online league can only be made by commish
  • Inning ends on a Single
  • ER scoring issue involving error on OF throw to 3B
  • Crash upon importing online league
  • run incorrectly scored as earned
  • Unusual box score error involving a hit batter
  • College players who aren't signed get assigned to new colleges
  • CI not reported as an error in Game Log inning summary
  • Typo in a news report object
  • League strategy options in 2010 game aren't sticking from season to season
  • Bottom of Box-score text has an error concerning a player's affiliation
  • League Evolution log has [new team city] [new team name] move to [new team city].
  • ER scoring error
  • User reports ER scoring error
  • Ball Animation option can be re-enabled after selecting "Big" PbP Box
  • Post Season Changes in Rotation Size
  • small change request: PbP token
  • Possible problem with the player ratings editor
  • Earned run scoring error #21346
  • Choosing a high number of divisions makes it impossible to change teams in a division
  • Write/Edit News field is shortened
  • Another possible ER scoring error
  • Appeal play missing information
  • Throws Column for Spot Starter is not aligned correctly
  • In imported leagues, expansion teams don't get owners
  • Defect in a specific player-of-the-week news object
  • Make fictional player contracts doesn't clear extensions
  • Added league did not get owners created
  • Too many infielder leaps in PbP
  • SB/CS: no crowd reaction
  • Text object error in Personality
  • Problem with starting in-game from calendar ribbon at top of screen
  • Historical Newts are missing the Fielding Part
  • Arbitration awarded even though no offer submitted
  • Defensive Efficiency is .000 in Pre-Game Stats Screen
  • Nicknames are nicknames, but.....
  • Perplexing problem related to expansion draft in 1997
  • Historical Teams Running Out Of Players
  • Minor change to hardcoded PBP: unable to turn DP
  • Online League update failed
  • PBP Not reporting rain delay
  • Duplicity of Players in Historical Leagues
  • Minor hardcoded PBP change: batter reaches second with double
  • Fictional FaceGen pictures created even when fictional pictures are turned off
  • Fixed the bug where the same picture was used for multiple players

    Mac Games System Requirements

    Mac OS X Only
    G4 at 1GHz or faster.
    Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

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    OOTP Baseball 2007

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