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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Update
Version 2.13
Date Added 3/13/2008
Size 841 MB
Downloads This Version 27,226
Downloads of All Time 45,081
Civilization IV: Warlords 2.13
Patch for Aspyr's Civilization IV: Warlords

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Mac Games Rating unhappygameowner (10/31/2009 - version 2.13)
I love this game. But it continues to crash constantly even with this patch. I find it extremely appalling that a game manufacturer would sell this program this buggy.
Mac Games Rating aviemet (8/21/2008 - version 2.13)
This game has been interesting to me for years now. I still play often. If you want to dominate the world with no problem, play on the first two difficulty levels. If you want a challenge, go higher. This game has great strategy, great mods and fun graphics. One of my favorites.
Mac Games Rating Big Bill Brassky (3/13/2008 - version 2.13)
Hooray, version 2.13 is out! 2.13 solves all of the bugs and glitches from previous versions by just crashing right from the beginning. Way to go, Aspyr, best patch yet!
Mac Games Rating chancepassenger (2/29/2008 - version 1.0 Rev B)
patchless, check out these links for the article for the patch hope this helps. i havent tried it though
Mac Games Rating Patchless (1/28/2008 - version 1.0 Rev B)
Im going to start by saying that the Mac port compared to the windows version is ok at best. What I am truly frustrated by is the lack of support Aspyr is placing in its software. I bought this game with the intention of playing multiplayer with my friends, all of which own PC's and were able to buy the gold edition for half what I payed. Regardless, I put up the absorbent amount of money for this three year old game and attempted to play multiplayer with my friends. To my dismay I discovered that Mac users were not allowed to play multiplayer with PC users because Aspyr has not released a patch compatible with windows version 2.13. I then call Aspyr support to find out if they plan on releasing a patch soon so I could make my $80 investment worth while. But to no avail, the tech support told me that the incompetent Aspyr "is working on it" but have no definite date for release. The final nail of the metaphoric coffin was the fact that Mac users could also not get the latest Expansion beyond the sword, and it make it even more offensive Aspyr has no plans of releasing this half year old expansion in the future. Please heed my advise and do not buy this game until Aspyr gets their act together!!!
Mac Games Rating MasterMax (1/14/2008 - version 1.0 Rev B)
Ok...I just wanted to say that I read all of the reviews above and I must say that I really disagree with those. I have an old Emac 1,42 Ghz with 1 Gig of ram and Civ IV warlords runs perfectly, been playing for 25 hours or more now. I'm sorry for those who are having "bugs" n "crashes" but I am one of those whose saying that Aspyr made a great Job making this game compatible enven for not so powerfull Apple computer. And of course the game itself is more than a Masterpiece. Have a nice day Dominating the world !
Mac Games Rating KetchupStains (1/8/2008 - version 1.0 Rev B)
This game is a waste of time, even when "expanded" to Beyond the Sword it's just simply unbalanced with AI that cheats piece of poo. As you play it you get a feeling of being discriminated and at a disadvantage unless you cheat as well you will always be left behind playing against AI on same difficulty lvl which leaves you feeling frustrated and hatred toward Sid Meier. A ripoff from start to finish and lacks some good features and concepts from Civ 3 but hey, at least pretty graphics and sound! AVOID AT ALL COST! Get Call To Power 2 instead, far more satisfying with AI that plays by the same set of rules you do unless set otherwise.
Mac Games Rating david (1/2/2008 - version 1.0 Rev B)
This game is still being sold in Apple stores. It is fraud, pure and simple. It doesn't work properly and if you call tech support that will confirm that and say they are hoping and waiting for a fix, but not really expecting one. Fraud. Apple should pull their license but they are profiting too. And you have to buy two games to get this crap: Civ 4 and Warlords. Outrageous.
Mac Games Rating Styx (12/25/2007 - version 1.0 Rev B)
Sorry Aspyr. Have to give you a 2 on this one considering two issues. The rainbow bug as it has been affectionately known and the continuous incompatibility with Mac and PC patches. There is too much time between releasing a patch for Windows and a patch for Mac. Mac users are left stranded when everyone in Windows is a patch ahead. Come on and get this right. You are not usually this sloppy.
Mac Games Rating rhg (11/6/2007 - version 1.0 Rev B)
Disastrously unstable on my MacBook Pro (the one with the Nvidia card... yes, I've updated my driver, than you) ... With 2gigs of RAM it should run spectacularly, but it doesn't! Frankly, it's nearly worthless: buyers beware! This is badly written code. (For what it's worth, apparently there's a memory leak in the software, since there's a clear link between length of play and time to crash.) ASPYR: you've known about these problems for MONTHS - and you've done nothing. FIX YOUR BLOODY SOFTWARE! I'm pretty pissed. The Windows version is massively better. It's tragic that Aspyr can't seem to write solid software.

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Civilization IV: Warlords 1.0 Rev B
Civilization IV: Warlords 2.13

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