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Publisher Fairtales Entertainment
Type Shareware
License $14
Version 64801
Date Added 5/14/2010
Size 7.6 MB
Downloads This Version 1,960
Downloads of All Time 5,249
Arindal 64801
Multiuser online fantasy roleplaying game.

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Mac Games Rating Old Info (9/27/2010 - version 64801)
Good game, but it is no longer in existence. All players have migrated over their characters to the American Clanlord server.
Mac Games Rating Halfwit (10/7/2008 - version 56301)
Mac Games Rating Jean-Loup (3/13/2008 - version 53601)
This was my 2nd MMORPG. Testing other more technically sophisticated games, with big 3D/sounds effects does not make me change. There is place for both kinds. Even without big effects, graphics and sounds are very cute, with a nice sens of humor. Features are good and can only be more rich in the future. The playablity with macros is great, you just need to familiarize with its language (many help sources available as it's the same as his Clan Lord brother ;-)) Stability is very good too. Last but not least, you will have great fun in your future community. All personalities are present, good, bad, neutral, evil… It's up to you to make friends and start hunting in the fabulous Arindal World Greetings, JL
Mac Games Rating Bingro (3/7/2008 - version 53301)
Still a very nice game and - as said- still a very nice community. But now Arindal went commercial, what means, that you have to pay now for playing. But it's worth the money! Always great fun!
Mac Games Rating Skyrazer (2/11/2008 - version 53001)
I totally agree with Braxlet. Never before I played such a chameleonic, well and lovely designed game that offers a total different, charming, social and addictive gameplay. Thanks to those who created it (I don't know them personally)! Even the graphics reflect the drawers' high skills, but of course you have to like these to like the game. I do.
Mac Games Rating Braxlet (1/17/2008 - version 52701)
Arindal is a game for, how can I express it politely, more intelligent people who have a good sense of humour and enjoy working and joking with others on hunts or quests set by the GMs. Yes, the graphics are simple though, in my opinion, elgant and attractive. Yes, you need to have some understanding of one of the three European languages it currently employs. However, I even find that a plus point as it helps me improve my French and learn a little German. (Dutch, I regret, is beyond me.) Yes, the frame rate is slow, but you get used to it. Yes, players who have been playing for some time have built up a rapport with some of the GMs, but this is only because the game has been in development and the GMs wanted our feedback. But no, none of the players are given special powers. Those that seem to have extra abilities have earned their strengths over time through acquired experience. If you want fancy effects and mindless violence, this game is not for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy role playing and the company of witty people, it is.
Mac Games Rating Artiste (11/28/2007 - version 52001)
ive player better browser games. agree with Juusti. Game is designed for people already playing it so looks like a game for the friends of the owners?
Mac Games Rating Rene (11/9/2007 - version 51702)
The point of this great rpg is the fantastic community, the always growing world in which you as a player are an important part and may change the history of the lands and the unlimited experince! I have no idea why everyone seems to think that PvP is essential for an rpg. In fact there is an arena in Arindal where players may fight each other if they want to. The language is only in German, Dutch an French, but we do have several english-speaking persons around. And not all of them speak one of the game languages. The community and fanpages will help everyone who want to give it a try. Although most of the players are german and lotsof non-english talk can be seen, everyone who has questions in english or wants to join a group can say so and the group will adapt. The graphics may not be up to date but they are lovingly made and the framerate canīt get higher because the engine was built in this way. And everyone who plays for some time will see his skills improving and getting better, no player is being pushed. The concept of unlimited experince leads to huge leads of some people if you start late but even this can be catched up as the time flows by.
Mac Games Rating Juusti (11/6/2007 - version 51702)
I thought the screenshots looked charming enough, and since PvP is only half a game for me I thought I'd give this a shot. First thing I notice is of course that you either have to know Dutch, French or German in order to play this game because of their license. So that's alright, if you're European... uh I mean, if you either are French, German or picked up one of those languages in school. A semi-nice idea that fails in the fact that there are more languages out there in Europe. If you visit the forums, the general reply if your only second language is English is to play ClanLord. Which is the original game. Oh well. Boot it up. Second thing as I actually start playing is the awkward controls and framerate...? For some reason, the game won't update faster than somewhere around 10 FPS, no matter how many gigahurtz you got Mr Moneypants. You move your character by pressing and holding the left mousebutton and moving around the cursor on the screen, which your character will attempt to follow. This is actually the same way combat is done. You direct your character towards a monster and they'll collide, and eventually one of you will run out of health. All in all, the big deal with this game seems to be the mature community. It's got some innovative ideas, like soul-linking or what it's name was, to encourage cooperative gameplay, but frankly spoken you'll see no more of it in this than many other MMOs out there. It all cuts down to if you get to make any friends, which you might as well do in any online game. It's a pretty lousy game engine which biggest appeal would be the people playing. Though, if you don't speak Dutch, French or German, sorry, you're out.
Mac Games Rating jon d (9/28/2007 - version 51101)
I wonder whether that 5* review was done by a GM. Agreeing with the poor reviews, no English, no PVP, no innovation and its totally transparent who the gms are (just look for the big powerful people with unique powers) as for 'game of cooperation' thats fine if you are german, online at the right time and if you have been playing for several months. there are other (real) cooperative games out there - go try one of them

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