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Publisher Pangea Software
Type Shareware
License Demo
Version 1.0.7
Date Added 1/24/2008
Size 41 MB
Downloads This Version 34,610
Downloads of All Time 103,068
Pangea Arcade 1.0.7
Collection of three exciting, classically inspired arcade games.

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Mac Games Rating Raymond (5/27/2009 - version 1.0.7)
Warheads - The missiles moves too fast! I can't destroy all of missiles! The demo has expired , but that's too fast.(...I can't buy it because I live in Japan.)
Mac Games Rating Tony (4/12/2008 - version 1.0.7)
Wow - tough audience. I really thought that these were a lot of fun and worth the price. 1) FireFall is a frenetic update of Centipede with incredible explosions and sound. It was my favorite. 2)Nucleus is a very cool Asteroid inspired game - I like it, but I wish it started out a little less difficult. 3)Warheads was inspired by Missile Command is a lot of fun too. Pangea has quite a few good titles (NanosaurII,Cromagnon Rally, Ottomatic) that are work checking out too.
Mac Games Rating amemlia (1/24/2008 - version 1.0.7)
...and the point is? It's not even fun.
Mac Games Rating Coldie (10/17/2006 - version 1.0.1)
Let me tell you guys exactly what you get for buying the full version besides unlimited playtime: Nucleus- You need to grab more electrons than before and the asteroid objects will change their appearance to five different things. Firefall- No idea, don't like the game and don't play it. Warheads- The missiles will move faster. Decide for yourself if this is worth $20. The games are fun, but gameplay-wise it's EXACTLY the same as just playing the first little bit that the demo allows. I bought it, and I'm not sure whether I regret it or not.
Mac Games Rating Painkiller (10/14/2006 - version 1.0.1)
I dont know what you guys are talking about i havve mouse support with firefall.
Mac Games Rating ParticleMan (10/11/2006 - version 1.0.1)
The centipede clone was a little weak, but the others were great. Especially great with 3D glasses!
Mac Games Rating super smart boy (10/9/2006 - version 1.0.1)
Wow, the glitzy BLING on the effects are spectacular! This is a great update to 3 retro classics. Firefall is weak without mouse support, but Nucleus and Warheads are excellent. FUN and addictive!
Mac Games Rating Chris Chuckles (10/5/2006 - version 1.0.1)
I'll give it two for effort but it's sad to just rehash something that has already been done. I think Pangea has become lazy.
Mac Games Rating The Najdorf (9/30/2006 - version 1.0)
Firefall sucks. Apeiron sucked too, and this is not even original! A clone of a sucky game! Oh well. Missile Commando is boooring and stupid... The asteroids clone is nice though, though not worth 19.95 alone. So overall this was worth a 3, but I give you a 4 'cause I'm nice :P
Mac Games Rating Bachus (9/29/2006 - version 1.0)
Firefall is pretty terrible. No mouse support in a Centipede clone? There's no reason to play it over Apeiron. The asteroids clone is also pretty blah. However, the Missile Command clone is *very* good. It may be the best version of the game ever created (and there are plenty to compare it to).

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