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Publisher Andrey Budko
Type Shareware
License Free
Date Added 11/17/2010
Size 5.1 MB
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Modified PrBoom port with uncapped framerate, variable gamespeed, re-record, walkcam, chasecam, full mouselook, fov and other features without loss of compatibility with original DOOM
The target of the project is to extent the original port with features necessary personally for me and to all those interested in my work. It is worthwhile to note that all changes introduced by me in no way affect PrBoom compatibility with the original Doom/Doom2 engines and it is possible to be confident this will never happen in the future since compatibility is an important merit of PrBoom as to me.

All known fastest speedrun through Doom and Doom II was recorded by means of PrBoom-Plus:

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

  • Added support for DeePBSP v4 extended nodes.
  • Added support for ZDoom's uncompressed extended nodes.
  • Blend animations.
  • Support for Quake2/Unreal style skyboxes. Their definitions (using GLDEFS lump) are GZDoom compatible. (
  • Support for MUSINFO lump (dynamic music changing) from Risen3D. (
  • Support for custom per-texture detail textures.
  • Hacked SDL_mixer.dll to avoid music bugs on some tracks. (for example: music goes wrong from 1:15 with timidity on doom2.wad map05)
  • Recalculates seg offsets that are sometimes incorrect with certain nodebuilders. Fixes among others, line 20365 of DV.wad, map 5. Makes sense only for software renderer.
  • Scan forward for a MUS header signature at the beginning of a MUS lump, which apparently DMX was capable of doing vis-a-vis DIESCUM.WAD.
  • Verifies blockmap validity and reports it in stdout.txt.
  • Disables sky texture scaling if the status bar is used.
  • In Chex Quest, uses the radiation suit colormap instead of the red colormaps that are usually used when taking damage (or getting the berserk pack). This matches Vanilla chex.exe behavior (from chocolate-doom).
  • Make -complevel 9 draw the sky normally during invulnerability. This is what Boom does. It was MBF that introduced the "negative" sky option.
  • No z-fighting in OpenGL mode for a killed mobj and its dropped weapon after death even with "sprites_doom_order 1".
  • The ability to render flats using draw lists. Can be noticeably faster on complex levels. "gl_use_display_lists" in config.
  • Fixed HOM at sectors 226 and 300 on E1M1 @ OTTAWAU.WAD. Fix affects only vanilla compatibility levels, because Boom's behavior is different. Newtechn.wad is also fixed.
  • Fixed a -trace_thingshealth issue.
  • Fixed a crash when demo footer and re-record are used.
  • Full path should not be stored in demo footer for Dehacked patches.
  • SDL_mixer's native MIDI music playing does not pause properly. As a workaround, it sets the volume to 0 when paused and "mus_pause_opt 1".
  • Boom colormaps are not be applied twice for hires textures anymore.
  • Fixed the latest known incompatibility with MBF.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with Win95.
  • During demo playback when using the camera the sound was heard from the players position, instead of the camera position.
  • After joining a game using recordfromto it was not possible to save the game.
  • Inheriting of friendlyness during spawn, for MBF compatibility.
  • PrBoom did not use the misc1 and misc2 frame parameters in A_Mushroom for Boom compatibility. Normally those two should control the angle and speed factor of the fireballs, but it didn't happen here.
  • "map_use_multisamling 0" did not work with "map_always_updates 0"
  • Fixed crash in software mode with 5x4 aspect.
  • Fixed mismatches between sotware and GL modes at 5x4 aspect.
  • Walkcam did not interpolate when paused.
  • Color variables were misaligned in the automap settings menu with "not adjusted" format.
  • A string of garbage from the title picture was left on the bottom of the HUD when using "not adjusted" format at resolutions with odd height (700x525 as example).
  • Fixed corruption of graphics after smoothing edges on systems with LP64 data model. Most Unix (like Solaris) and Unix-like systems (like Linux).

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
• you need the original Doom data files to be able to play. Depending on your Doom version these are called doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad or plutonia.wad. You can also get the Demo version from PrBoom-Plus

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating cpepper (12/10/2010 - version
A must for playing the speed-run demos! For those with OSX 10.4 or 10.5: Clck on Andrey Budko, go to the sourceforge files and get the 10.4 distribution.
Mac Games Rating James (11/26/2008 - version
These files dont work, why do you keep submitting them??
Mac Games Rating Marco (10/19/2008 - version
Same problem here, I have OSX 10.4, try to launch it, nothing happens!
Mac Games Rating James (10/8/2008 - version
This version doesn't work either... I try to launch the program but nothing happens. mac os 10.4.11(tiger i think)
Mac Games Rating flynn taggart's buddy (10/8/2008 - version
Same with version, doesn't work at all for me too (Tiger 10.4.11, G5 2x2ghz 2go). Does this version work for some doomers here? (if yes, what is your OS please?)

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