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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Free
Version 1.74
Date Added 10/8/2007
Size 73.13 MB
Downloads This Version 198,507
Downloads of All Time 266,052
Civilization IV 1.74
Patch for Aspyr's Civilization IV

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Mac Games Rating Sucmiphatwang (2/22/2012 - version 1.74)
Check your vers when you start Civ Iv to see if you even need this patch . If you have downloaded this software from Aspyr you shold have the latest ver 1.74 It wont install if you already have the latest vers. just saying ...
Mac Games Rating Justaguy (10/17/2010 - version 1.74)
Patch installer works, but hard to figure out. Once you download the .dmg file, double-click it to mount the drive on the desktop. Open the drive and you should get a window with the installer file. Drag this installer file to where the game is installed and THEN run the installer. You will still get an error and need to click OTHER to locate the file, but this time it should recognize the game file and you should be able to click on it. Then the patch should should install and work without any problems. What an incredibly ridiculous system. Why can't a proper patch be released?
Mac Games Rating horsepj (8/22/2010 - version 1.74)
Where is the replacement app. Downloaded my copy (fully paid) online and now it asks for the original disk. I have no original disk, I downloaded it from GameAgent. Now it wont work.
Mac Games Rating flip (8/12/2010 - version 1.74)
Drag and drop of the INSTALLER into the games folder in order to update is the most retarded set of non instructions I've ever had to deal with. WTF? Seriously. Sid your company has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. Civ 3 was much better than this .. I honestly feel quite cheated.
Mac Games Rating Maximus (11/16/2009 - version 1.74)
The game ran fine out of the box, then (stupid me) I decided to get the patch. Now I crash every 10 minutes. Tried to reinstall it - get an error message, renamed installishield folder, reinstalled the game - still get the crashes. Lesson here: don't try to fix what's not broken.
Mac Games Rating Dan (10/11/2009 - version 1.74)
My Civ IV application icon still says version 1.61.
Mac Games Rating Bill Hooper (9/1/2009 - version 1.74)
I found the instructions confusing and unclear. At this point, I honestly don't know if I have done what is necessary to update the program or if additional steps must be taken. My Civ.IV game still runs well except for a problem on ejecting the disc; I feel more comfortable just leaving it alone rather than trying to follow the convoluted and incomplete instructions for the update.
Mac Games Rating me (7/21/2009 - version 1.74)
Drag and drop the installer into same directory as game, then run installer
Mac Games Rating BRH (4/29/2009 - version 1.74)
Brooks: there has been a patch released, see the ASPYR site here:
Mac Games Rating Sha (4/15/2009 - version 1.74)
Hmmm, funny Zack: Civ IV says it won't work on my OSX 10.4.11, but it does. Punks out occasionally, but not so often.

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