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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Free
Version 1.4.2
Date Added 8/2/2007
Size 382 MB
Downloads 182,276
Quake 4 Patch 1.4.2
Patches Aspyr's Quake 4 to 1.4.2

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Mac Games Rating Jaygyver (10/24/2010 - version 1.4.2)
1.4.2 patch. I've had it a couple of years now and had it originally on my "upgraded" G-4 Sawtooth. (1.8ghz & Ati 9800) I don't think I had to turn it down too much on that one. I couldn't remember if I had ever finished it so I stuck it in my new computer and it runs great. "Summer 2010" Mac-Pro. I tweaked everything to the highest I could and it didn't even blink. The only thing is, "Multicore" setting wouldn't stick after I restarted. Didn't need it anyway. There was only like maybe 3 places it paused a few seconds (in between levels, right after a battle ended I hit the esc key) which kinda scared me thinking it was going to crash but I think it was my hard drive or CD drive waking up as it was fine after. Never did try multiplayer.
Mac Games Rating Dev (8/29/2008 - version 1.4.2)
Great patch, before installing this the sound wouldn't play. After downloading and running it now sound is up and clear. Super. I am playing on Macbook OX 10.5.4 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 1 gb ram.
Mac Games Rating Dokter_Mac (8/5/2008 - version 1.4.2)
Great patch. The only thing I noticed is the crash, like others, when I turn SMP on. But it runs great on PPC G5 (60fps) with SMP off. For those having a crash at some level loads, just turn of SMP and the game will run fine. If it's runs great on PPC G5 without SMP it will runs even better on your Intel Macs. I hope they (Aspyr) will solve this issue. It's now 6 months after this patch and still no news about a fix ;((.
Mac Games Rating Hollywood (3/22/2008 - version 1.4.2)
If you have no sound... Go to your hard drive, open applications, then the folder labeled Utilities From there open the APP Audio MIDI Setup (Or some variation thereof) Click the Audio Devices Tab Under Audio Input, change your setting from 2ch-24bit to 2ch-16bit This wll solve you having no sound Aside from long loading times, the game is great Buy yourself an external hard drive and put everything you don't need onto it to free up space, or delete all files/programs you don't need/use That, of course, will help too Game kicks ass = )
Mac Games Rating chris Mundy (3/6/2008 - version 1.4.2)
Running 10.5.2 on a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 4 Gigs of RAM. Unfortunately I get no sound and under advanced audio settings in system controls I receive a warning that my sound card does not support OpenAL. Downloaded the "OpenAL 1.0 Installer for Mac OS X" from - and still no sound. Pretty pissed off actually.
Mac Games Rating Manny (3/5/2008 - version 1.4.2)
I get the same problem as Cliff Manley "I get is an error notice stating that Quake 4 is not installed." ... any ideas anyone?
Mac Games Rating HonkyMoFo (2/23/2008 - version 1.4.2)
I'm having the same crashing problem at the Annex Aqueducts. I'm running 10.5.2 on a PPC G5.
Mac Games Rating Sub_Micron (12/2/2007 - version 1.4.2)
After installing Mac OSX 10.5 I can't go pass the Annex Aqueducts level. The game crashes right before the level starts. Is anyone having this same annoying problem? Help will be appreciated. I've have reinstall the game twice already. I've delete every document pertaining to the game.
Mac Games Rating Cliff Manley (11/15/2007 - version 1.4.2)
The patch doesn't work, all I get is an error notice stating that Quake 4 is not installed. There is also NO README file with the download I get, I have downloaded this three times now and get the same result every time.
Mac Games Rating Jamie (10/7/2007 - version 1.4.2)
Having installed the 1.4.2 patch per instructons, I now can not access any multiplayer servers. When I choose a server from the list, I get a message that I need to download more files. When I do, I get the message "pak is corrupted checksum 0x0, expected 0x586dbc71". I can't see any major difference otherwise in game play, except that after I installed the patch I lost my last saved game and had to start the last level over. I am EXTREMEly disappointed, as I expected better.

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