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Publisher Prarie Games
Type Demo
License $29.95
Date Added 1/11/2008
Size 260 MB
Downloads This Version 3,842
Downloads of All Time 11,296
Minions of Mirth
MMORPG Single Player Dungeon for the masses.

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Mac Games Rating GMonster28 (8/30/2009 - version
This is an amazingly fun game, its just gets annoying when you cant use something because its not in your class. The same for how your armor breaks so easily, and the game breaks. Once you get past that its always fun to kill something of lower power than you, and go on quests and get to know everything in the game
Mac Games Rating Joda (10/24/2008 - version
Well, at the moment it's the best game i had, but after i got my character to triple 100 and got best stuff from the game, it hadn't much else to offer. But it still gave me half year of amazing fun.
Mac Games Rating Digital (8/29/2008 - version
It looked cool, but it never worked. I have a G3 iBook with 800Mhz and 256 RAM 32mb Vcard. It would always unexpecdily quite as soon as it started loading the first world on Single Player. On multi-player, it never loaded at all because the server was down. I'll try multiplayer later, but I haven't found a good MMORPG game that will work for my computer, that is 3-D. :(
Mac Games Rating harry (8/2/2008 - version
it rocks dude!!! im at lvl 19!!! it's soooo cool!!
Mac Games Rating TheDarkSideCalls (6/1/2008 - version
Simply fab
Mac Games Rating Pietro Cristofoli (5/13/2007 - version 1.2.4)
MoM is slowly getting better and it's probably one of the most solid indie game og the whole MMO scene. It onlly need some good (I mean, Pro) artwork. The community IS great! Whoever said otherwise has never attended it for more than five minutes ...
Mac Games Rating C.L. (3/11/2007 - version 1.2.3)
This is a wonderful game, even if the begin is hard, there is a very great community with a really nice tri-classed system... This game worth more than 29.95$! At least, try it for free!!
Mac Games Rating Soofi (12/17/2006 - version 1.2.3)
Very bad. I have no idea why mac seems to be encouraging it. Bad graphics, extremely expensive, bad community. This would be an average freeware. If you compare this to Planeshift which is now bugless and with amazing graphics/map and is ENTIRELY FREE
Mac Games Rating metoo (10/23/2006 - version 1.2.1)
Mac Games Rating CodeDog (9/14/2006 - version 1.02)
As apposed to what they advertise the full game is not free to use, only the limited demo up to level 20, on the demo server with a subset of the races can be played for free. You must buy the game in order to level up to 100, multi-class and log on to the real servers. The game has a very unfinished feel and itís obvious that the only thing they are concerned with is enticing the under 20 free players to buy the game. Every patch brings nerfs to the paid players and there are NO refunds. The game is better than a sharp stick in the eye but not by much.

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Minions of Mirth

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