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Publisher Ambrosia Software
Type Shareware
License Shareware
Version 1.0
Date Added 9/20/2005
Size 84 MB
Downloads 22,872
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El Ballo 1.0

Today Ambrosia announced the release of a game that dances to the beat of a different drummer: el Ballo. This soon-to-be-hero jumps on the scene, naked and dirty. (Not dirty in the dirty way, but in the dirty way... Ahem.) On planet Testicular, where clothes are out of fashion and soap never was in, he is having a rough day. Entering the forest to find a gift for his girlfriend, the weather turns from a beautiful morning into a hailstorm of invasion. The evil Dr. Cough has other plans for today: a planet-wide hygiene operation.

A naked and playful lifestyle might like sound the ideal way to spend a weekend, but Dr. Cough disagrees. Throwing his army of cleanliness onto Testicular, his goal is to teach the Testiculites how to live in peace, prosperity and clothes. Well, in clothes at least. With his henchmen Mic the Mop, Mac the Vac, the Sponge Brothers and many others, Testicular might soon become washed up. Did you take a shower today? No? Then you'd better join El Ballo in his quest, or your home could become the doctor's next target.

What is missing from your life? Someone to hold and love? Steady pay? Respect from your friends? Bah, superficial stuff. What you really miss is the old-school 2D platform gaming of yesterday. Let's face it, returning to the old classics is always more fun than you expected. The Adventures of El Ballo packs hours and hours of fun in the same vein, wrapped in glorious OpenGL-rendered graphics and sporting the grooviest game soundtrack ever to grace your speakers.

This green guy has many moves down his pants. El Ballo runs, jumps, shoots and climbs his way to Dr. Cough. A total of eight different weapons will help you on your way, as well as El Ballo's friends, including his girlfriend, the professor (who is... a little behind.) and a faithful blue dog. Duke it out over 29 levels, plus seven bosses and six wacky training levels; mop the floor with over 25 different types of enemies and search for items such as the QuickerUpper, Woof Deodorant and the Sha-Niagra. Make the Chlorine Copters crash into the enemy ranks, or hope that a UFO falls on the Lizards in the forest. In this story of bare necessities, anything goes.

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
MacOS X 9.2 / MacOS X 10.2
QuickTime 6.0 or later
sense of humor

Mac Games Download

El Ballo (OS 9 Users)
El Ballo (OS X Users)

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Vladimir Putin (11/16/2005 - version 1.0)
Lacks testicles. I downloaded this hoping for extreme amounts of man-jewels, and I was sorely disappointed- my thirst for balls remains unquenched.
Mac Games Rating Dithre (11/16/2005 - version 1.0)
Honestly, this is shit in a can. Repetitive gameplay + poor graphics = Shit. In a freaking CAN.
Mac Games Rating TheDecline (11/3/2005 - version 1.0)
Holy crap this game is fun. Great game play graphics music and sound. Sit Back light a bowl and play in the great world of 2d
Mac Games Rating Homey (11/1/2005 - version 1.0)
This game is good but on a short term basis. I had fun but not a big 2d side scroller
Mac Games Rating jodefish (10/10/2005 - version 1.0)
Hilarious game. The old school graphics fit the style and design of the game perfectly. The sound is great, (I love the secret guys.) The game-play however is what really shines. Its like nothing thats being released now a days. It has a lot of the standard elements of the old platforms but it does them much better, and adds a few twists unique to itself.

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