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Publisher Rag Doll Software
Type Shareware
License Shareware $9.95
Version 3.1
Date Added 5/9/2007
Size 5.4 MB
Downloads 9,848
Ragdoll Masters 3.1
A succesful experiment in the world of beat'em'ups.

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Mac Games Rating A Reviewer (9/27/2008 - version 3.1)
Awesome Game! Really Cool Fighting Game for Mac- Very Stylish- Great Fun to Play Co-op or One on One with a Friend
Mac Games Rating kai (3/22/2008 - version 3.1)
it's a best game!!Cool the battle! ^^
Mac Games Rating m (3/23/2006 - version 3.0.1)
great game!
Mac Games Rating Quentin (8/17/2005 - version 2.0.1)
i agree, this game is fun...for 40 seconds :/
Mac Games Rating Pat F. (8/17/2005 - version 2.0.1)
You know, the game is great in concept, but it really lacks in execution. What it needs is at least SOME way to control specific body parts. It's fun for one sitting, but surely nothing worth buying.
Mac Games Rating reallynotnick (7/18/2005 - version 2.0)
Wow quite an imporvment over version 1! This is really looking good. I think it would be fun if you could click on an arm or a leg and the wip the character around. Like if you were to grab a doll by the arm and start wipping it around. That would be really fun.
Mac Games Rating >.D (7/18/2005 - version 2.0)
Excellent game.
Mac Games Rating Spikey2 (7/18/2005 - version 2.0)
Are you all the same person below? I mean what is going on here? The ragdoll looks like some collection of balls that move in random order... I mean to actually think there is a tactical beat em up here, one has to be stoned!
Mac Games Rating Dolor (7/18/2005 - version 2.0)
An extremely interesting concept, and a lot of fun to play.
Mac Games Rating Fool (7/18/2005 - version 2.0)
Ha ha, damn this is fun.

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Ragdoll Masters

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