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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Add-on
License Free
Version 1
Date Added 4/29/2005
Size 96 MB
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Battlefield 1942 Map Pack 1

Aspyr has released 4 new maps for Battlefield 1942. Below is a brief description of each map.

Operation Forager
After the attack on Pearl Harbor in late 1941, the US declared war and
jumped into World War II. On the Pacific front, the US began to
strategically capture islands that they hoped would eventually led to
holding an island close enough to Japan to set up long-range bombers. One
operation, which included the capture of Saipan, was known as Operation
Forager. This map covers an island in the South Pacific that starts with US
forces and Japanese forces each at remote fishing huts on opposite sides of
a mountain ridge. The ridge leads to small village containing two control
points. Another control point is located on a tiny island off the big
island. Here, patrol boats will play a large role in determining the
outcome of the battle.

The Great Pursuit
In 1942, German forces had made their way deep into the Soviet Union. The
Red Army began a massive assault designed to push the Axis forces all the
way back to the frontiers - this became known as The Great Pursuit. This
map begins with German forces spread out in two defense lines. The Russian
army start their assault with a large tank force and strategic artillery

Faid Pass
In early 1943 heavy fighting was going on in North Africa, as the US tried
to drive Field Marshal Rommel and his troops south and out of Africa
completely. This map covers the battle at Faid Pass, an important mountain
pass in Tunisia. This is a head-on battle, with the two forces starting at
opposite ends of the canyon. There are 3 main control points in this map,
one in the middle of the canyon and two up above on each side of the
mountain pass.

In 1945, in the south of Germany, allied forces were surprised to find the
bridge at Remagen still intact. If they could take control of this bridge
before the Germans blew it up, they would have an open line to Rhein.
This map starts with the US troops just north of Remagen, fighting against
the German forces at five locations - two points in Remagen, strongholds at
each end of the bridge, and their main base in Rhein.

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Battlefield 1942

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Battlefield 1942 Map Pack

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Stransos (5/23/2011 - version 1)
Downloaded fine, worked fine. Use installer, find B1942 program folder... and away she goes!
Mac Games Rating Max (8/5/2009 - version 1)
the installer doesn't work... the progress bar blinks but doesn't progress at all... disappointing...
Mac Games Rating macmad (6/1/2008 - version 1)
i dont know yet about them but stupid safari shut down unexpectedly and corrupted the download if it is good i will post again but how the hell do you install them from macmad
Mac Games Rating doctor (5/4/2007 - version 1)
somebody tell me how to install or where to put downloaded *.dmg file plssss
Mac Games Rating jill (2/21/2007 - version 1)

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