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Publisher Oddlabs
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.9
Date Added 5/24/2007
Size 18.8 MB
Downloads 18,975
Tribal Trouble Demo 1.9
Fast paced realtime strategy game, now Universal Binary

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Mac Games Rating ! (11/3/2007 - version 1.9)
I like this game very much!
Mac Games Rating Alison (10/8/2007 - version 1.9)
It looks like it could be fun, but it won't work with my computer. I have a MacBook Pro and the game doesn't recognize the keys or something because it says "Press + or - to speed up or slow down time" Or "Press 4 or 6 to rotate the screen" etc. but when I do so nothing happens. So I gave up.
Mac Games Rating Sulu41 (3/25/2007 - version 1.8)
its interesting, and for the light RTS player it is ok, but for us hardcore, Starcraft, AoE, Star Wars Strategy, there is only a little fun
Mac Games Rating Sulu41 (3/22/2007 - version 1.8)
Well it sounds good, i fonly i could download it
Mac Games Rating ali (2/9/2007 - version 1.6)
Mac Games Rating Doh ! (1/24/2007 - version 1.6)
No *stategy* down there.
Mac Games Rating velfire (10/29/2006 - version 1.1)
This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it,you will too!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Thanksfulness (7/10/2006 - version 1.1)
The game is boring. It's all about "Who has more units" and no strategy involved. You can have the best units trained and when they attack, the enemy just kills them all by mass spawning those workers and at the end, the enemy has so many workers that they build a whole encampment within short time while you built an army for nothing..... I gave it a 2 because the voodoo style soudntrack is the only good thing.
Mac Games Rating Necro (3/7/2006 - version 1.1)
Its a good game. Alot better if you go and buy it instead of the demo, as you get more units, towers and cheifs. This game is like a simplier faster pace age of empires
Mac Games Rating pupu (8/6/2005 - version 1.1)

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Tribal Trouble Demo

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