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Publisher Ambrosia Software
Type Shareware
License Shareware
Version 1.4.2
Date Added 4/28/2006
Size 37.4 MB
Downloads 93,908
Darwinia 1.4.2
Will you heed the Darwinwians' cries for help?

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Mac Games Rating Eljay (3/5/2009 - version 1.4.2)
Different. Different done well. A game in the same genre as Populus - a "god game" where the player directs and influences his people. With a digital world theme. Two thumbs up.
Mac Games Rating Mindless_Soul (4/20/2006 - version 1.2.2)
Awesome game. Totally original with interesting yet impressive graphics. "Starry Eyed Surprise", You could be running this game on a Quad G5 and still see crappy results if you are using a 6 year old graphics card with 8 MB of VRAM. A desent graphics card is important. (I'm running it with a 700 MHz G3, 768MB RAM, Rage 128 pro 16MB and it runs fine on the first levels (the later levels are unplayable because of my out-dated system). That doesn't make this game worth 1/5 just because your computer is old. It means that your old computer gets a 1/5.
Mac Games Rating Cronusaur (11/25/2005 - version 1.2.2)
Very addacting game, and fun. a must download for rts and action fans.
Mac Games Rating Sil (8/15/2005 - version 1.2.2)
Takes the nap and plot points from a novel, without giving credit. Great job.
Mac Games Rating dub (7/24/2005 - version 1.2.2)
its a good game worth trying out
Mac Games Rating Mike Jones (7/15/2005 - version 1.2.2)
The rating system doesn't go any lower.
Mac Games Rating John Doe (7/15/2005 - version 1.2.2)
A truly awesome game, it really gets the sort of 'wow, I am in a computer' feeling.
Mac Games Rating HOAXE (7/14/2005 - version 1.2.2)
OK Game, nothing more.
Mac Games Rating Pat (7/12/2005 - version 1.2.2)
Mac Games Rating Starry Eyed Surprise (6/2/2005 - version 1.0.0)
This game runs so slow on my G3 400mghz with 512 MB RAM that it's unplayable. Very poor since the system requirements on Ambrosia's webpage say G3. I can't see this game running very well on anything lower than a G4.

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