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Publisher Atomic Blue
Type Shareware
License Free
Date Added 10/25/2012
Size 1000 MB
Downloads This Version 11,119
Downloads of All Time 23,076
Free Mac MMO Game

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Mac Games Rating Catlemur (8/6/2010 - version 0.5.00)
You should definetely try it!
Mac Games Rating Urgin (6/22/2009 - version 0.403)
Mac Games Rating Macaddict (11/10/2007 - version 0.3.13)
Graphics aren't too bad, especially for a fee game but BE WARNED. It has a terrible server/s heaps of lag and often can be offline. The gameplay is decent but leveling takes way too long. Keep in mind it has been 7 years or so in the making and isn't even 50% finished. Fun for a while but does seem like a waste of time
Mac Games Rating Bobo (8/18/2007 - version 0.3.13)
Unstable to say the least !
Mac Games Rating Linuxhaxxxxx (7/26/2007 - version 0.3.13)
If roleplaying is your emphasis this game is a joy to behold. There are some difficulties due to frequent updates, but is that a bad thing?
Mac Games Rating Earthman (5/6/2007 - version 0.3.13)
Sodding terrible. Really. I was way stoked for a free MMORPG for over the summer, and thought this might be it - no. The software is a pain to get at and just as toublesome to run, the controls are non-intuitive (Pretty much every other similar game pull it off, why not this one?) and needlessly complex, and there is no introduction or tutorial period. The frequent squalling about "staying in character" is beyond irritating, it sets it up not as a game, but as an alternate life. Sorry, not worth my time. If you want a good free MMORPG, try Shadowbane - it's a pain to to download, but worth it in the end.
Mac Games Rating Arthranis (8/2/2006 - version 0.3.13)
For being under development and a free game, this is excellent.
Mac Games Rating Painkiller (7/8/2006 - version 0.3.13)
If want a game that crashes every 10 minutes and is full of people forcing you to role play while they take out the few good things about combat, then play this waste of a game. The game has too many problems to list.
Mac Games Rating MacMatt (5/25/2006 - version 0.3.13)
I also have to say, This is a great Game. I haven't been so entrenched in gameplay since the first Escape Velocity! I simply can not stop playing. For me, This is the type of game I've been waiting for, for years. In addition do not under estimate the shear size of this 3D world. Very easy to get lost. As many are saying, understand that this game is still under development, and it's only going to get better. AMAZING FANTASY!
Mac Games Rating Boom (4/17/2006 - version 0.3.13)
Yes, this has it's bugs. Yes, I've spent an inordinate amount of hours updating this. But **** do I love this game. Come on, you get everything that you can find in any other commercial MMORPG for free. Even if this is an alpha version. For that alone, it Beats WoW into the ground. I've seen software that was on it's finall release that was more buggy. So the bugs aren't even that numerous. @ Bob Tomjey. Sounds like you got an incomplete download. (This happens sometimes in Safari). @ Extorso & Weasel. Go to the official forums for the game. Many answers on bugs, and likewise have been answered there, and the forums have a dedicated mac section. Overall, for a non-commertial effort, this is a phenomenal acheivement. And hey, it runs on my first revision (1.4 gHz) Mac Mini like a charm :)

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