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Publisher Atomic Blue
Type Shareware
License Free
Date Added 10/25/2012
Size 1000 MB
Downloads This Version 11,110
Downloads of All Time 23,067
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The objective of the PlaneShift Team is to create a virtual fantasy world in which a player can start as a peasant in search of fame and become a hero. We will focus our efforts in the reproduction of a real world with politics, economy and many non-player-characters controlled by the server that will bring to life our world even without players connected!

We want to give Free access to everyone, without the need to either purchase the game or pay a monthly fee. Servers and bandwidth will be donated by sponsors.

Our virtual world is persistent, and this means you can connect to it at every hour of day or night and you will always find players and npcs wandering our realms. You will be able to disconnect and reconnect again, the server saves the actual status of your character including his possessions.

You will use a client program to interact with our world, that enables you to have a 3D view of the surroundings.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes


  • Many quest scripts were improved to simplify their maintenance by developers

  • Many new quest script commands were put into use to improve quests and quest progression

  • The quality of items received in quest can now range up to Q300 and not just the default Q50

  • All problems caused by miss-triggering of quest steps were fixed

  • Some repeatable quests were improved to vary slightly from time to time when you start them

  • The magic quest series were brought inline with the settings involved with them

  • A total of 13 new settings lore books were released, now totaling 75

  • Added new items sold by merchants (like carpets, furniture and containers)


  • Fixed bug on weapon modifiers calculation. Now multiple modifiers are stacked properly

  • Added ability to identify rare/magical weapons (it requires a spell)

  • Added a new spell to identify items

  • Improved the comparison mechanisms used to evaluate the opponent in combat

  • Added a "use" icon to the containers UI, this will avoid crafter to left click on the container mesh to trigger the transformation

  • Added capability for NPCs to run scripts and for scripts to fire NPC perceptions. This will allow to develop a better and more interesting AI

  • Added GM command for NPC in-game debugging

  • Improved NPC tribes perception and reactions (this is another step toward the release of tribes in game in the next months)


  • Greatly improved the stability of the client (it may still crash at startup, in this case, just launch it again)

  • The window to discuss with NPCs is now always in the background, making it much easier to use

  • Fixed scaling of monster models. Finally you will see them in the proper size and not default one

  • Enabled creature sound system (first version). It will allow to have specific sounds for monster actions

  • Updates to the navigation system for monster movement


  • Updates to spell effects

  • Added effects to many crafting items (i.e. Alchemy stove, Enchanters)

  • Improved sounds in guildhouses

  • Updated effects on magical staves

Known bugs:

  • A black bar may appear at the top of the window when running windowed mode. Lower the resolution from the launcher to fix it. We will publish a fix in the next days.

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.4 or later, 128 MB VRAM.

Mac Games Download

PlaneShift ( Register 2 play )

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Catlemur (8/6/2010 - version 0.5.00)
You should definetely try it!
Mac Games Rating Urgin (6/22/2009 - version 0.403)
Mac Games Rating Macaddict (11/10/2007 - version 0.3.13)
Graphics aren't too bad, especially for a fee game but BE WARNED. It has a terrible server/s heaps of lag and often can be offline. The gameplay is decent but leveling takes way too long. Keep in mind it has been 7 years or so in the making and isn't even 50% finished. Fun for a while but does seem like a waste of time
Mac Games Rating Bobo (8/18/2007 - version 0.3.13)
Unstable to say the least !
Mac Games Rating Linuxhaxxxxx (7/26/2007 - version 0.3.13)
If roleplaying is your emphasis this game is a joy to behold. There are some difficulties due to frequent updates, but is that a bad thing?

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