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Publisher Ryan Gordon
Type Demo
License Freeware
Version 12162004
Date Added 12/16/2004
Size 20 MB
Downloads 114,827
Duke Nukem 3D For Mac OS X 12162004
Duke Nukem 3D for Mac OS X (free episode included)

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Mac Games Rating gamer15 (4/1/2010 - version 12162004)
downloaded it but it said i needed a disk or sumthing? is there a version without a disk???
Mac Games Rating Maximus (7/27/2005 - version 12162004)
I remember when this game came out a long time ago. Good Fun
Mac Games Rating Sherpa Derka (3/27/2005 - version 12162004)
Great, but i wish you could download it with out the free episode... btw Happy Person there is a port for marathon on OS X its called M1A1 and for the other two marathons its called alephone, i think they are free too.
Mac Games Rating Fatal Claws (2/15/2005 - version 12162004)
You can now run Duke It Out In D.C.
Mac Games Rating Redrum66 (2/3/2005 - version 12162004)
Damn Good Port! Thing is.. I can't seem to change the screen resolution. Even tho I edited the 'duke3d.cfg' H&W to 800x600. Hmm.. more tinkering is involved I guess! Anyways.. For those of you who REALLY wanna Play a killer game of DooM, DooM II, Heretic or Hexen.. Then I Highly Rcommend the Doomsday Engine! It will run 'em All! You just need the '.wad' file from each game. And, it uses hi-rez OpenGL wonderfully! It is a bit of a pain to get going since there is no installer. But, once you do.. It is *The Best* DooM Source Port Period!
Mac Games Rating Wraphesh (1/28/2005 - version 12162004)
aaahhh good ol fashion duke nukem...its great on OSX and still as fun as ever...btw... for those of you who are lazy like me, just make mouse look the capslock key... anyways great game...dl it now.
Mac Games Rating J. Willsey (1/13/2005 - version 12162004)
It was great to be playing Duke Nukem again on my G5. However, I can't get it to use the mouse aim. It won't respond to any command key. If I can get that fixed, it will be awesome.
Mac Games Rating PuterBoy (12/24/2004 - version 12162004)
awsome! I love DUKE NUKEM!
Mac Games Rating Happy Person :D (12/22/2004 - version 12162004)
Duke Nukem so owns on OSX! A Doom 2 port would be even greater, and maybe even a Marathon one.
Mac Games Rating SRGB (12/22/2004 - version 12162004)
An amalgamation of what's gone before: great port, fantastic to have it on OS X! As Ryan (11/29/2004) said earlier though, a little choppy (on my G4 800MHz 640Mb iBook) - often when I turn it skips a whole bunch of frames. Doesn't mean i'm not looking for the full version on eBay though! Glad to have this! Props, man! :-)

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Duke Nukem 3D For Mac OS X

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