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Publisher Nostalgic Software
Type Shareware
License $22
Version 3.1
Date Added 3/12/2008
Size 4.8 MB
Downloads This Version 3,005
Downloads of All Time 10,296
SteamTRAIN 3.1
Steam locomotive and train simulator.

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Mac Games Rating frank (11/13/2007 - version 3.0)
version 3.0 is a bit bigger, no "drive in circles" what is great and the switching is more difficult. well done, john! dont losse your aim to built up both a game for children AND for adults with improoved knowledge. by now, you hit it!
Mac Games Rating Holmes (6/1/2007 - version 2.2)
I just rated this to ask what Robert means by an isomorphic GUI. What would the GUI be isomorphic to, and would the theorem be worth publishing?
Mac Games Rating frank (12/20/2006 - version 2.0.2)
great movement calculations. developer avis is to built up step by step. even though the graphics are kind of simple, the game is very realistic. not too bad as a private"just for the child"-game
Mac Games Rating MacPapaMac (4/30/2006 - version 1.5)
My Grandson is fascinated with trains, and he will spend hours with this simulation.He is only 3 years old, but he knows this application by name, and requests it every time he comes over... :)
Mac Games Rating Robert (5/17/2005 - version 1.2.2)
The sim is ok, but what's the point? Starting and stopping between towns? An isomorphic GUI and a bigger map might make it a bit more interesting.
Mac Games Rating Bleah. (5/17/2005 - version 1.2.2)
Confusing o.O?
Mac Games Rating Atticus (5/14/2005 - version 1.2.2)
Awesome and consistently improving. This is a fun little app and I highly recommend it.
Mac Games Rating Jac (5/14/2005 - version 1.2.1)
Very nice!
Mac Games Rating MacProject (3/22/2005 - version 1.2)
I love software like this. Takes me back to my childhood when I used to play with those Nyko race car tracks and my old train set. Kind of fun to build a track piece by piece and watch the results play out.
Mac Games Rating who (1/5/2005 - version 1.1.2)

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