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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Free
Version 1.6.1d
Date Added 7/21/2005
Size 9 MB
Downloads 179,450
Battlefield 1942 Updater 1.6.1d
Patch for Aspyr's Battlefield 1942 & Secret Weapons

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Mac Games Rating Taeki (12/19/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
Im running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on my iMac and this patch is working. On Leopard its was not working for me. But on SL it works fine :)
Mac Games Rating David (9/1/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
Patch no good on MBP -- same as everybody else: deletes game. As a result, I can't play online, which kind of defeats the point. Thanks, guys. Now that I've made The Switch, I can't play my all-time favorite game.
Mac Games Rating Fletch (7/29/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
right, ive downloaded this patch and it says when i choose a file- " Battlefield 1942 application not found. you have chosen to update the followinf folder: /Battlefield 1942. However, it does not appear to conayin an installation of Battlefield 1942 because an existing copy of the Battlefield 1942 application was not found. .You should choose the folder on your hard disk that was created when you originally drag-installed the Battlefield 1942 game from the DVD. Choose the game folder, not the game application. .Do not select the Battlefield 1942 folder in your documents folder. .If you have changed the name of the game application, rename it"battlefield 1942"and try again. press try again to choose a different folder." Ive renamed it, ive re-applied the original folder and still no success. my iMac is a Intel Core 2 Duo processor and i have Mac OS X 10.5.7 and ive got loads of memory left so i dont see the problem. Unless Apple are selling games that are compatible with the Intel prcessor but expansion packs, patches, clients, mods and updates are completely obsolete to the much newer iMacs.
Mac Games Rating George (6/18/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
Is anyone at aspyr going to update this? It's one thing to release a patch that doesn't patch, its quite another to continue to post one that deletes the application before giving up! I realize it's probably because of apple outpacing support but won't you try?
Mac Games Rating Jordan (5/12/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
Same as most people... running OSX Leopard and gets stuck at very beginning during installation. It actually deleted the application as well. I think this update is necessary so you dont get this message when trying to connect to certain online servers: "Wrong version! Wish to update?" Except when you press 'yes', nothing happens.... this is quite annoying.
Mac Games Rating JD (3/9/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
this patch does not work. Actually what it did was erase my actual game application icons from the folder, in addition to hanging up at the start of install. Terrible, terrible , bad.
Mac Games Rating Kaliber_24 (2/17/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
Okay, still doesn`t work. Freeze at the beginning of Installation (Intel Mac OSX10.5.6 ProBook ) BUT I found quite helpful, try it. Read the f+++ing Manual ! My INet is too thin so i can`t play multi, but anyways, good luck.
Mac Games Rating C-real (2/16/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
many many thx to Richard Johnson!!! you are godlike! it runs now!
Mac Games Rating Mitch (1/26/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
Yeah I am running 10.5.6 with an intel mac book and you need the manual install of the patch then it works great!
Mac Games Rating Richard Johnson (1/4/2009 - version 1.6.1d)
This works fine if you're installing on Tiger. Try this updater if you're on leopard. It's a manual installer from Aspyr: Click on the link here. It takes you to to the manual installer, whatever that means. It seems to work fine, except I can't get on some servers with it.

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Battlefield 1942 Updater

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