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Publisher Chronic Logic
Type Shareware
License $19.95
Version 1.6
Date Added 7/30/2010
Size 13.2 MB
Downloads This Version 4,117
Downloads of All Time 15,795
Gish 1.6
Platformer game with ball of tar character

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Mac Games Rating Mario Cavaradossi (9/25/2005 - version 1.43)
Ha I'm the first person to give this game less than 5 joysticks. That's really impressive for a game. Well I'm not reviewing the game, I just want to know how to get it to work on my mac. It quits every time I open it. The system requirements in the manual list requirements for Windows. I'd really like to play the game, so if anyone could help me with such an obscure expanation of my problem, please do.
Mac Games Rating Saliet (9/22/2005 - version 1.43)
What can I say, this game is incredible. Few games deserve five joysticks, but there is no doubt in my mind that this one does.
Mac Games Rating Cronusaur (9/4/2005 - version 1.3)
This is one of the best shareware games ever. Download it, and buy it now!!!!
Mac Games Rating Eric Lobdell (7/29/2005 - version 1.3)
Gish is amazing. The pure ingenuity of the game is outstanding. Who would have thought that controlling an oil blob would be fun? Chronic Logic, that's who. I give my full props to the creators of this game. In my book, they rock out loud. The physics are amazing. It is so fun just to see the little blob bounce around. I want them to make a Gish dashboard widget where he just crawls around a space. It is so fun just to watch him. Gameplay styles can be completely different also. You can blaze through the level, making death defying jumps and regarding only time. Or... you can take it slow and methodical, jumping slowly, collecting every token. Or you can play somewhere in between. Someone should tell CL to invest in some major advertising. They would sell out this game in the first week if they had the kind of budget say of... Halo.
Mac Games Rating Zach Dukerich (4/10/2005 - version 1.3)
Beautiful Game. Endless possibilities after purchase. A+.
Mac Games Rating GISHMASTER (12/25/2004 - version 1.3)
One Word.................................FIRCKEN AWSOME.........wait thats two words.......
Mac Games Rating LuMpYtHeMoOsE! (12/17/2004 - version 1.3)
what can i say? i wish u could give more than 5 joysticks. just dl it and see 4 yerself
Mac Games Rating GrassDragon (12/16/2004 - version 1.3)
This game is pure awesomeness. The physics, lighting and abilities are amazing. I played this game for hours last night and there's only 4 levels! You must get this game.
Mac Games Rating Wumple von flufferdorken (12/15/2004 - version 1.3)
This game is pure gold.
Mac Games Rating Aikanaro (12/14/2004 - version 1.3)
proper fun, but I can't seem to get past level 3. amazingly well done physics

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