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Publisher Feral Interactive
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0.1
Date Added 6/23/2004
Size 91 MB
Downloads 120,052
XIII Demo 1.0.1
Demo of Feral's XIII

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Mac Games Rating Crusty13 (6/20/2004 - version 1.0)
Downloaded the demo, but it would not install. In fact it froze my machine trying to restart.
Mac Games Rating DejoBlue (6/20/2004 - version 1.0)
Heres How I have it set up in ATI Displays: Go to System Preferences open ATI Displays , my computer says there is a kernal startup problem because there is no TV out (though I have the TV adapter and it still works fine this is a kernals warning) so just hit ok. Next it brings up the Info pane. Click in the bottom left on 3D and it brings up the 3D pane. Click on Add then select the XIII Demo app on your hard drive. Next select the preset drop menu and select New Preset - name it what you want. Then place the settings as follows: Performance: Wherever you want FSAA (Super):Wherever you want - (FSAA(Multi) doesnt work for this particular game on any setting on my machine) Anisotropic Filtering: Wherever you want. Vertical Sync: Off or unchecked. I set my preferences in the actual game to whatever as well and it all works peachy
Mac Games Rating Lagwolf (6/20/2004 - version 1.0)
Another truly rubbish console to computer port. Does anyone believe that computer users still think its fun to have no saves? Looks rubbish, runs rubbish and gameplay is pretty rubbish. What was Feral thinking releasing pile of dung?
Mac Games Rating Fiesty (6/19/2004 - version 1.0)
What a great game! Good fun and not too easy (for a change) either! I can't wait for my full version to arrive! I *highly* recommend this d/l, ch-ch-ch-check it out!
Mac Games Rating Greg (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
Runs great on my 1ghz Ti, graphics are awesome, and gameplay is very addictive. Only problem is no documentation. How the f--- do I release the grappling hook when I get to the ground?
Mac Games Rating Karsten (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
I've got the full game. Is cool, except the audio is so bad, I gave up playing it. It sounds like a person with a really bad stutter inside an echo chamber. What a waste of hard earned money. This is on a 1Ghz PB running at 640x480 w/ Thousands and the music turned off.
Mac Games Rating NoNameBrand (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
Runs great on my DP1.8/9600, but their are a few glitches- like everything in-game freezing up when you find Carrington - it seems a script should be playing, but nothing is happening.
Mac Games Rating Psycho Pirate (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
Don't really know what everybody's major malfunction is, but this game kicks ass on my 1GHz G4 iBook, so to hear G5ers having problems is baffling. For me, XIII's demo is smooth, slick and polished... I love it's plot (much deeper than 95% of FPSs out there), the graphics are really something special and wasting enemies is both challenging and entertaining. What more could you want? Blatantly the best shooter on the Mac since Halo, no doubt.
Mac Games Rating Hobbes (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
Hm..seems everyone has very different performances..i have a G5 1.8Ghz ATI 9600 and it runs fine with no crashes. But what i really am disappointed in is gameplay, as others have said it's not that great to play plus the AI is not very smart. Graphics are a nice change plus the comic style is cool but am surprised it got such a great review... Hope full version is better...
Mac Games Rating James Young (6/18/2004 - version 1.0)
I played the demo and it was fine on my G5, if your G5 crashes I would send them an email so they can fix it, as have really enjoyed the demo on my G5. Worth a download! Looks and sounds great.

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