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Publisher Feral Interactive
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.0.1
Date Added 6/23/2004
Size 91 MB
Downloads 120,052
XIII Demo 1.0.1
Demo of Feral's XIII

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Mac Games Rating Preventer Judge (6/28/2004 - version 1.0.1)
I did enjoy my time with this game but the overall gameplay brought me down. The graphics are fun... not truly quality, but fun. This game's quality of presentation is not close to CoD or UT2k4. I enjoyed this game's cell-shaded graphics but the overall presentation really brought me out of the game.
Mac Games Rating AWESOME (6/27/2004 - version 1.0.1)
WOW! very original!
Mac Games Rating german-apple-user (6/27/2004 - version 1.0.1)
VERY GOOD GAME !!! Its very fun, but its very hard ( no cheats).
Mac Games Rating i$H B (6/27/2004 - version 1.0.1)
cool game wit great graphics. awesome weapons an levels. and guys, its supposed to be unrealistic, cos its a comic book...
Mac Games Rating Matman (6/26/2004 - version 1.0.1)
Good game overall. Not great but definitely 'good'. The inability to save the game in progress ruins it a little for me. I like to save the game and then try things. Jump here. Grenade in there. All guns blazing. Stealth. In this game you HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT or you have to sit the start of the level again. It makes it more realistic I suppose as dying is a REAL bummer, but this is a GAME for heavens sake! I often found myself thinking about something else as I played the same section again and again. I feel sorry for the developer as it has spent a lot of resources making the cell-shading look nice and play very well on my 1Ghz G4 but for all it's 'COOLNESS' (as Feral call it) it just DOES NOT LOOK AS GOOD as Call of Duty, MOA, UT2004 or even RTCW! I will wait until I see the game on special, say, for half price before I will splash out.
Mac Games Rating Aphex (6/24/2004 - version 1.0.1)
All the superficiality of a typical blockbuster FPS without any of the raw primal satisfaction. The kill cam is a gimmick whose appeal fades quickly and which drains precious resources from an unoptimized 3D engine. Also, lack of docs, save, or intro skip (which much be suffered through every time you die) make this demo a well-rounded disappointment.
Mac Games Rating oh man (6/24/2004 - version 1.0.1)
i hate this game, i just don't like it
Mac Games Rating Kevin Lindeman (6/24/2004 - version 1.0.1)
Great game!
Mac Games Rating Chris McNail (6/24/2004 - version 1.0.1)
Very, very, very fun game. I recommend everyone to download the demo or buy the game! A fun shooter in some places, and a sneaking game in others. One last: BUY OR DOWNLOAD THE DEMO!!! Chris McNail
Mac Games Rating LumpyTheMoose (6/24/2004 - version 1.0.1)
brilliant idea for a game, really fun, but REALLY HARD!!!!! none of the fu****g cheats work. so that blows

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