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Publisher Scorched3D
Type Shareware
License Freeware (GPL)
Version 41.3c
Date Added 5/4/2010
Size 110 MB
Downloads This Version 2,382
Downloads of All Time 7,347
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Scorched 3D 41.3c

Scorched 3D is a game based loosely (or actually quite heavily now) on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth, "The Mother Of All Games". Scorched 3D adds amongst other new features a 3D island environment and LAN and internet play. Scorched 3D is totally free and is available for most operating systems.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 41.3c:
  • Fixed server and client calculating auto balance differently.
  • Money formatting changed so larger numbers are easier to read
  • Added AI logging to enable AI debugging
  • Camera mode is not reset between rounds when only AIs are playing
  • Count down sound for shot timer
  • Made text sound less obtrusive
  • Followed shots now don't flicker when being followed
  • Tank/shield health not shown in some of the camera views
  • Action camera won't follow ship shots
  • Old sight position is now correctly centred on the gun
  • Added option for tank/tree reflections for high end computers
  • Added option for particle reflections for high end computers
  • Restricted view setting is now persistent
  • Fuel position landscape indicator now goes away as soon as the fuel is used
  • The buy and shot timers take account of the latency
  • In game chat now has a moveable cursor
  • More model speed ups
  • Game shouldn't count loading or spectator tanks when calculating who's left
  • Performance improvement for drawing targets and tanks
  • Fixed the winning banner being too wide for the screen when many players draw/win.
  • Fixed round numbers from getting beyond the maximum round number
  • Added residual player settings to settings dialogs
  • Fixed residual players not being recorded correctly
  • Added residual player functionality for non-stats servers
  • Sped up AI turn speeds for non-RTS modes
  • Slightly longer time allowed for people to buy
  • Players can connect immediately after being disconnected (no duplicated SUI/UID issues)
  • Lowered the maximum amount of time for the remove tank setting (added setting to both configuration dialogs)
  • Changed residual players to be on when the setting is on, and not vice-versa
  • Changed the max and min settings for IdleCycleTime

Mac Games System Requirements

Intel Required
  • MacOS X 10.3.9 or later

Mac Games Download

Scorched 3D

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Forrest (6/5/2004 - version 36.2)
I've been playing version 36.2 for a couple of months and love the game. Since the game is designed to run under OSX - it's more difficult to install and lanunch than your typical OSX game because it was designed to run under Unix. If you're seeing graphical glitches on-screen, then from within the game set your resolution to 640 x 480, full screen and disable all the the graphic options in the setup screen.
Mac Games Rating ChancellorMinge (6/4/2004 - version 36.2)
Doesnt work. dyld: /usr/local/games/scorched3d/scorched3d-binary-OSX version mismatch for library: /usr/local/lib/libiconv.2.dylib (compatibility version of user: 5.0.0 greater than library's version: 4.0.0) Why do Linux hippies make everything so complicated?

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