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Publisher MacSoft
Type Update
License Update
Version 3369-2
Date Added 2/3/2006
Size 200 MB
Downloads 106,831
Unreal Tournament 2004 3369-2
Patch for Unreal Tournament 2004, now includes Universal Binary

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Mac Games Rating eXan (4/21/2006 - version 3369-2)
This is crap. Hey, Macsoft, come on! Why make it 200 MB download? I already have 3369, but wanted 3369-2 and I have to redownload ECE and all previous patches? This is mad. PC patches are really small compared to this (usually 10+MB) and the ECE bonus pack can be downloaded separately.
Mac Games Rating Intel (3/3/2006 - version 3369-2)
Got this for my Macbook! Clocked up to 80 FPS!!! I get a constant 50-70 frames. CONSTANT!!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Macinfrag (2/4/2006 - version 3369-2)
I liked UT2004 that I bought two copies, one for my PowerBook and one for my G5. I'll probably buy a third copy when I get an Intel Mac. I know most people only buy one copy, but I liked this game so much I wanted to support it as best I could. rocks!
Mac Games Rating Quintessential (2/4/2006 - version 3369-2)
Swweeeettt!! I've been waiting for this before making the final decision to order a Intel iMac, now the wait is over!! Thank you Macsoft for a quick update for the new arrivals of the Intel Macs.
Mac Games Rating infinity (2/4/2006 - version 3369-2)
Excellent game, especially with all the mods out there. *NOTE*: Versions 3355 AND UP do not need the DVD...
Mac Games Rating Meron (2/4/2006 - version 3369-2)
Mac Games Rating Santaduck (1/30/2006 - version 3369-1)
Note 3369-1 requires 3369:
Mac Games Rating Rrrrrico (12/17/2005 - version 3369-1)
Yeah- I don't know how good this patch is- but if you don't want to have the DVD in the drive, download VERSION 3355. Again- Version 3355-NO DVD REQUIRED!
Mac Games Rating Anonymous (12/13/2005 - version 3369-1)
Great game. Excellent multiplayer. Knock off one joystick for the lack of a good single player campaign.
Mac Games Rating tao (6/22/2005 - version 3355)
very good now i can give my disk to poor people ^^

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