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Publisher MacSoft
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.5.2
Date Added 5/27/2005
Size 3.5 MB
Downloads 101,177
Halo 1.5.2
Updates Halo to version 1.5.2

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Mac Games Rating Nick (11/30/2009 - version 1.5.2)
Mac Games Rating Random D00d (4/6/2007 - version 1.5.2)
Pathetic: 1. Who wants to play with PC gamers anyway? All they do is comment on how bad it is to game with a mac which is complete BS because they don't have a clue about mac. 2. The only time you can ever have that nice of graphics is if you have the most powerful mac out there (seriosuly, even a macbookpro has lag at full graphics) and if you do have something that powerful, you aint gonna be playing halo 1, more like 2, 3 or some other game like BF 2142.
Mac Games Rating cream (8/3/2006 - version 1.5.2)
hey, "Not too bad", don't rip on bill gates! the man gives more to charity than any other individual i have ever heard of! he and his wife started the gates foundation which gives money to health and education. i'm not by any means defending windows, windows sucks, i'm just saying if you're going to bash bill gates do it on a buisness levle and not on a personal one. and i agree with the post before me, hanging dogs is just sick.
Mac Games Rating "Not Too Bad" get a life (4/19/2006 - version 1.5.2)
Sounds pretty good. "Not too bad" it actually says you re**** not to use offensive language, plz learn how to read because there is a great kindergarden that i know of which you can go to... i do agree about the mac only game but still you sicko i hate people who talk about hanging dogs so get a life you... well... sicko
Mac Games Rating suks (1/10/2006 - version 1.5.2)
Mac Games Rating Not too bad! (9/1/2005 - version 1.5.2)
I say we all kill bill gates and burn his company and rape his kids and hang his dogs. good game for the mac and mac only fuck PC!
Mac Games Rating SpasticMan (7/19/2005 - version 1.5.2)
Love the game on xbox, but the demo uses this version (1.5.2) and it is pretty slow on my imac g5 1.8 ghz with 64mb GeForce FX 5200 and 768mb of ram. Is this just my kinda crappy video card or is this a slow game?
Mac Games Rating CrapShoot (6/5/2005 - version 1.5.2)
People still play Halo? Oh...I'm sorry.
Mac Games Rating Strider (5/27/2005 - version 1.5.2)
superb game. buy it today - loads of fun in sp or mp!
Mac Games Rating Wicked Scepter (5/3/2005 - version 1.5.1)
Excellent game. Seriously, one of the single best games for Mac OS X. Plays great on medium and high end G4's and G5's (make sure you have a good video card), and tons o' fun to play online.

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