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Publisher Aspyr Media
Type Update
License Freeware
Version 1.03d
Date Added 6/1/2009
Size 4.58 MB
Downloads This Version 22,632
Downloads of All Time 100,168
Jedi Knight II 1.03d
Universal Binary update for Jedi Knight II

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Registry Total: 10 Entries
Mac Games Rating CaryMG (6/2/2009 - version 1.03d)
It's FANTASTIC to see suppoert, still, for one of the GREATEST games. DownLoad & enjoy !
Mac Games Rating Timma! (8/30/2006 - version 1.03c)
YEaaaaaAaahh I can finally play the game again, bugs are fixed.
Mac Games Rating Y.v.o.Nabuke (5/11/2006 - version 1.03b)
Download links are broken!
Mac Games Rating vintz72 (11/26/2004 - version 1.03b)
Very good game. Not too easy. It'is a bit long before acquiring the Force, but then the game rocks. Too bad my Geforce 2 mx is not powerfull enough to have good graphics.
Mac Games Rating drummer0835 (10/25/2004 - version 1.03b)
I have only 1 problem with JK2. On the first or second (I can't remember) Bespin City level, when you meet the cloned Sith for the first time, when it goes into the movie, it freezes and I have to restart the computer. The patch doesn't help. I'm running a 400Mz G3. E-mail me at if you have any suggestions.
Mac Games Rating Luca Torella (10/22/2004 - version 1.03b)
Mac Games Rating Brad Oliver (12/30/2003 - version 1.03b)
Baranas - e-mail me at and I'll see what I can do about fixing the crash you're seeing. Without more details, my best guess is that if you're running on OS9, you are running out of memory.
Mac Games Rating Baranas (12/28/2003 - version 1.03b)
will i ever be able to play the single player? crashes since retail version at the end of artus mine... mp works fine but without a working single player i cant give it a better rating
Mac Games Rating Surly Kate McGee (12/19/2003 - version 1.03.1)
the second mouse button normally throws your lightsaber, so you're probably pressing your main mouse button and control at the same time. remap your main fire key to something other than control.
Mac Games Rating Ratama (11/17/2003 - version 1.03.1)
I don't understand. Did they even test it? With this control-click option selected, my character now randomly throws its lightsabre. This makes multiplayer intolerable.

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