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Publisher Targetware, LLC
Type Shareware
License Commercial, free open beta
Version .64
Date Added 2/16/2005
Size 5 MB
Downloads 7,256
Targetware .64
A massively-multiplayer, high-fidelity combat flight sim

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Mac Games Rating n8gray (9/28/2005 - version .64)
Haven't played online yet, but just flying the planes around offline has been lots of fun. I like the flight modeling and graphics, so I'll have to see how combat goes. It would be nice if there were some AI planes for me to fly against since I suck right now. (flying with the keyboard is not optimal...)
Mac Games Rating Protonovus (2/24/2005 - version .64)
Very promising game. It reminds me a lot of AirWarrior from the 90s with its massive-multiplayer style (accounts, squadrons, etc.), and appears to have the realism of such flight sims as X-Plane. And this game is by far the fastest (frame-rate and load time) of any game I've ever played. I can't wait until this game really takes off (pun intended). P.S. Two thumbs up on the 3D cockpits, 'locking' view tracking, in-game 'on-the-fly' settings changes, automatic mod installation/upgrade, 'General Aviation' server, and of course the in-game documentation. One thumb down on the flight controls - without a joystick, its quite tricky to get used to - no mouse flight controls, only keyboard and joystick.'s a beta, so I'm sure these things will be addressed. Way to guy guys!
Mac Games Rating Dan (7/29/2004 - version .62)
Doesn't seem to recongnize I have an account so I can't do anything at all, but from what I've seen/heard, looks kinda cool.
Mac Games Rating john (5/8/2004 - version .61)
If you cant open the game you are probably trying to load from the cd image. Drag the folder to your desktop first.
Mac Games Rating Masin (4/4/2004 - version .61)
cant open he game
Mac Games Rating ME (12/28/2003 - version .57)
If anyone is having problems with this program then submit them in the forums, people there will be happy to help you.
Mac Games Rating BTU (12/18/2003 - version .57)
Slow and very unstable.
Mac Games Rating k (12/10/2003 - version .57)
high quality port to the mac that is still in beta, play free while you can.
Mac Games Rating Yboo (12/10/2003 - version .57)
It crashed my system an I'm not trying this crap software again,still can't fix my second video after this thing.
Mac Games Rating pissed off (12/9/2003 - version .57)
dumbfuck thing crashes right before the mission is about to load...what a waste of time creating my account and d/ling the dumbass mods

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