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Publisher Virtual Programming Ltd
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.01
Date Added 7/2/2003
Size 32 MB
Downloads 12,929
Player Manager 2003 1.01
Demo of popular soccer management sim

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Registry Total: 9 Entries
Mac Games Rating football mad (2/3/2004 - version 1.01)
Enoyed this, hope there a sequel, nice graphical engine.
Mac Games Rating Apo Tsunami F. Jr (2/2/2004 - version 1.01)
Less than shit
Mac Games Rating Brad (12/29/2003 - version 1.01)
Had fun with it while it lasted. Many crashes. #d Match view is great!! Action is compelling. But management side lack depth.... could not find how to transfer list a player, purchase a player via transfer list, neg player/coach contracts, Lacks the depth required for real staying power.. But nice graphics
Mac Games Rating stealingthunder (9/11/2003 - version 1.00)
I bought CM4 and found it the dullest game on earth - by contrast this is fun! The game engine is exciting (not Lowry matchtick men) and the interface easy to understand. The best soccer management game yet
Mac Games Rating Tamer OKLANUR (8/25/2003 - version 1.00)
Mac Games Rating Trix (8/13/2003 - version 1.00)
The 3D matchday is great and there are some nice features, like the player talks. However, the manager sections is ugly!! Tactics screen is a little confuse and I couldn't adjust players positions from prearranged schemes. I think CM4 interactive managegment area is better. The ideal game?? CM4 managment interfas ewith PlayerManager's fabulous 3D MatchDay graphics.
Mac Games Rating Shadower (7/6/2003 - version 1.00)
I would say graphically far better than CM4, with the 3D realtime match engine which gives a real feeling of game. The manager screens are far more intuitive than CM4 blue throughout screens, which look pale in comparision. Nice feature is the editor which allows you to add in your teams logo shield, stadium name ..etc, which give it nice touch.
Mac Games Rating Perdamun (7/5/2003 - version 1.00)
The match day is spectacular! You can really see with your own eyes how your team is performing on the field. You can really affect the match with your real time choices. This is a whole new dimension missing in CM4. But the management phase is a bit clumsy and there is still some tedious bug. It's still a demo, though.
Mac Games Rating berkstin (7/3/2003 - version 1.00)
Eh. The match engine looks very pretty, but the actual play isn't too hot. And the the management interface is horribly ugly, clumsy and very console-like. If you want to be a football manager, get Championship Manager 4; it might be a little buggy, but it's head and shoulders above this thing.

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Player Manager 2003

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