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Publisher Marathon Team
Type Update
License Freeware
Version 20081213
Date Added 12/16/2008
Size 8.8 MB
Downloads This Version 3,444
Downloads of All Time 5,312
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Marathon: Aleph One 20081213

Aleph One is a freeware descendent of Bungie's Marathon 2 first person 3D shooting game. Aleph One supports Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity data files (as well as other free third-party conversions).

A conversion of Marathon 1 called M1A1 and many third party scenarios and net maps are also available.

Aleph One features software and OpenGL rendering, Internet play, Lua scripting, and much more.

NOTE: Use of the hi-res textures, 32-bit Fusion Sprites and landscapes are highly recommended.

Mac Games Fixes and Changes

Version 20081213:

Netscripts, embedded scripts, and solo scripts run in their own sandboxes
Lua's IO library is now enabled for solo scripts
Lua additions: Monster:accelerate, level completion states, mission flags, Side:recalculate_type (see Lua.html)
Detect monitor resolutions rather than using hardcoded list
Added support for true embedded Lua and MML scripts, which are transmitted in net games (more information about these will be added to the wiki)
Games using embedded Lua or physics now show "Embedded" in the appropriate field in the game information dialog on the metaserver
Control-clicking a player in the metaserver keeps him highlighted through multiple PMs (like in myth)

Bug fixes:
Fixed a possible crash when a joiner cancels
Fixed PCR display with time-based netscript games
Fixed a well-known rendering bug where sides near platforms appear to move
Fixed linking to network libraries in Solaris
OpenGL: tweaked the way back buffer clears are done; this should eliminate some more flickering
Clear players/games lists when reconnecting to metaserver
Restored Lua compatibility function set_crosshairs_state
Fixed saving films by joiners
Only use old embedded Lua/MML when a map file with the same checksum as the gatherer's can be found
Added the ability to customize theme scrollbar colors
Fixed the creation of new sides to account for platforms
Fixed a bug that allowed the gatherer to process packets that fail the CRC check; this should fix many remaining instances of OOS
Fixed a bug where shapes patches would crash at the PCR
Fixed the contents of some unused fields in film headers

Mac Games System Requirements

Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)

Mac Games Download

Marathon: Aleph One

Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating MacMark (3/2/2004)
You can play versus all other platforms now (Linux, Win, OSX, OS9, BeOS, other Unices) and even via Internet with great OpenGL graphics and high resolution. There're even many custom maps and scenarios and so on. This game rocks and it's free! By the way: The players meet on iChat/AIM room "Aleph One". Enjoy!
Mac Games Rating Ralph Wiggum (2/27/2004)
The Marathon games may not have as good as graphics as Halo but they beats halo hands down in every other department
Mac Games Rating dmm (4/8/2003)
Ahh, Marathon 2 running on OS X, with opengl and a resolution of 1280x1024. Aleph One is great for playing old Marathon games and making your own.
Mac Games Rating MrX (4/6/2003)
Still the best. Aleph One rules. Check out those openGL effects...
Mac Games Rating a Martin (4/6/2003)
It's cool to be running those old Marathon games in OS X!!!

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